13 Different Types of Spatulas and Their Uses

13 Different Types of Spatulas and Their Uses

on June 02, 2022

When we hear the word spatula, we immediately think of the baking spatula used to flip and serve food from the oven. But the spatula is not limited to this single purpose only.

Spatulas are used in various industries, including beauty, crafting, handyman, and many others, in addition to cooking and flipping.

This blog will demonstrate different types of spatulas and their uses. Let's take a look at 13 spatula types:

1. Beauty Spatulas

Beauty spatulas will help your cosmetic products last longer. The tips are flexible and easily glide over the curves and corners of the containers.

Beauty Spatulas prevent you from wasting a single drop while also saving you a lot of money. They are ideal for foundation, concealer, lipstick, serum, or any other makeup products.

2. Kitchen Spatulas

Scooping off leftover food product sticking to the inside surfaces of sauces, jams, and other containers is always a challenge. When you try to remove them, they scatter all over the plate and along the table, wasting a lot of food.

The kitchen spatula is a great tool for scraping out that sticky, delicious product and spreading it easily over food. It gets inside bottles with narrow holes where the spoon also fails to reach.

3. Handyman Spatulas

Construction, machinery, and other interior work-related products are quite expensive, and wasting even a drop is painful. Handyman spatulas assist you in saving every last drop of the product.

Whether it's leftover on the sides of a paint bucket or glue stuck to the bottom of a packet, the handyman spatula is designed to collect them without wasting.

4. Crafting Spatulas

Crafting spatula allows you to reach the leftover crafting products that are difficult to reach around the sides, shoulders, and bottom of craft containers.

It fits into practically any bottle, jar, or receptacle with a narrow opening and extracts every last drop of glue, paint, glitter, and other creative items.

5. Baking Spatula

A thin, flexible stainless-steel blade is used to make this small spatula. The blade is slightly flexible, which helps distribute delicate toppings and makes them seem smooth.

These spatulas are ideal for decorating cakes and pastries as well as serving bars, cakes, or pie slices.

6. BBQ Spatula

This style of a spatula, as the name implies, is often used in grilling. It has a slotted construction that allows liquids and oils to drain through.

However, you are not limited to using this spatula for only grilling. It's also handy for flipping burgers, turning steaks, and tossing veggies.

7. Fish Spatula

These are one of the essential kitchen tools to have. These spatulas are often made of metal or stainless steel to increase their durability.

They feature a bigger form with slotted holes, making them ideal for flipping fish filets or pancakes and draining liquid or oil before plating.

8. Frosting Spatula

A frosting Spatula is a typical type of spreader spatula. It is specifically designed for spreading the material over a flat surface, such as cake icing.

Suppose you're throwing a sandwich party for visitors. In that case, this sort of spatula is ideal for spreading spreads on sandwiches in bulk.

9. Grilling spatula

The grilling spatula comes with an ultra-smooth blade that won't catch any chunks of meat or whatever you're cooking inside it.

Heavy metal spatulas also perform well as a smasher to crush a piece of meat during cooking. It's commonly used to flip things from the grill to your plate.

10. Metal or Stainless Steel

A metal or stainless-steel spatula is sturdier and more long-lasting. It can withstand contact with extremely high temperatures, making it an excellent material for a grilling or flipper spatula.

Furthermore, these spatulas may be cast with a very thin form, making it easier to use them to handle crumbly foods.

11. Rubber Spatula

Rubber is a softer substance that regulates heat quite well. Furthermore, it may be inexpensive without the hazards associated with plastic. This spatula is an excellent choice for spreading icing and culinary tasks.

There are many rubber spatula uses, including scraping ingredients into your storage bowl and serving dishes from your cooking pan.

12. Scraping Spatula

A scraping spatula is similar to a flipping spatula, except it lacks any holes or slots in the design. Instead, you get a razor-sharp blade that won't catch any chunks of meat or whatever you're cooking inside of it.

There are also lots of rubber scraper uses, including scraping cookie dough off the bottom of the bowl. It may also be used as a flipper.

13. Spreading Spatula

This spatula style is less common than flippers; however, it is not used for frying. In addition, they have specialist applications such as plating your meals or culinary décor.

Spreading spatulas are useful for spreading thick sauces, gravies, or icing over a flat surface.


We've seen several spatula types, including the uses of a metal spatula, rubber spatula uses, and rubber scraper uses, and it's clear that they're all valuable in terms of saving time, effort, and money.

But where can you get a durable one?

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