Last Drop®️ Kitchen Spatula

Since most products stick to the inside surface of your container, it is difficult to retrieve leftovers due to the irregular shape and size of containers with narrow openings.

You have no alternative except to dump the leftover products. You have to frequently visit the grocery store every time to buy fresh jars of food. Spatty® Last Drop®️ kitchen spatulas will ensure you don't squander a drop while saving you a lot of money.

Last Drop®️ Kitchen Spatula

The Spatty® is a strong, durable, and flexible small spatula tool that fits almost any bottle, can, or jar of food product and is useful for mixing and spreading.

Use small Last Drop®️ kitchen spatulas to get every Last Drop®️ out of your ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter, jam, and other food product containers.

  • Spatty® fits into virtually any bottle, can, or food product container on the market.
  • Spatty® easily moves around the sides, corners, and bottom of bottles, cans, and other containers.
  • Made of sturdy, resilient, and flexible material

These small Last Drop®️ kitchen spatulas are excellent tools to get your remaining food products out of the container when they are no longer conveniently reachable.

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Last Drop®️ Kitchen Spatty® Set
Last Drop®️ Kitchen Spatty® Set

Last Drop®️ Kitchen Spatty® Set


According to studies, 25% of food products are thrown away simply because they are not easy to reach, and that is a lot of money thrown away every time.

An average person finishes more than 10 containers of food products like sauces, mayonnaise, peanut butter, etc., in just 15 days. If the average cost of all food containers could be $50, the cost of 15% of the waste product would be about $7.5, and that's a lot.

People try various methods and strategies to remove the product but always fail, whether using a spoon, butter knife, or other tools.

We offer you comprehensive solutions to save money and your delicious food products, whether you need a spatula small in size, a daily Last Drop®️ kitchen spatula, the best Last Drop®️ kitchen spatula set, or any other spatula needed to scrape out from those hard-to-reach places.

LAST DROP®️ Spatty® Dimensions

Small Last Drop®️ Kitchen Spatula Designed to Solve a Big Global Challenge!

The small Last Drop®️ kitchen spatula is designed in the perfect size to offer a strong grip. The Spatty's angled silicone tip ensures you get every bit out, whether 6-inch or 12-inch.

We know throwing out the leftover food products is costly; you'll want to get the most bang for your buck. When you notice you're tapping your sauce bottles or butter jars on your hand to get the last few drops out, worries start as you realize it's time to replace it.

 Rather than hoping to get the Last Drop®️ out without spilling it all over your dining table and dishes, use Spatty's Last Drop®️ kitchen spatula set, which comes with a solution for every container size, even if you need a spatula small in size.

Why Spatty®?

  • Spatty® fits into virtually any food container in the market: bottle, can, or jar.
  • They are composed of dishwasher-safe plastic made of sturdy, resilient, and flexible material.
  • Also great for mixing, spreading & decorating.
  • Spatty® mini spatula easily glides around the sides, corners, and base of jars and containers to get every last product drop.
  • A Spatty® spatula is small in size but saves you hundreds of dollars.

Spatty® Last Drop®️ kitchen spatulas come to the rescue for almost every food product container, including ketchup, mustard, peanut butter, jam, mayonnaise, and countless other everyday products.

Spatty® is a cost-effective and time-saving option to extend the life of your foods. The Spatty® Spatula is designed to reach into any container and retrieve every last ounce. The tips are flexible and glide easily over the curves and corners of containers, saving you a lot of money and time in the long run.