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Whether you're working on a major construction job or even a little automobile-related work, a tool you should always keep with you to save money, time, and effort is the Spatty's Last Drop®️ Handyman Spatula, or say it as a "handyman helper tool".

 Repairing and building supplies are quite costly, such as solution bottles, oil cans, large buckets of adhesive glues or acrylic paints, and other materials. We have to use many of them to complete the work, and discarding even a single drop counts as an expenditure or loss.

 Spatty® offers a money-saving solution called "Last Drop®️ Handyman Spatula" to ensure you reach the bottom and use up to the Last Drop®️.

Get 25% More Product Out!

Last Drop®️ Handyman Helper Spatula

The Spatty® is a multipurpose handyman tool that fits practically in any container or bottle and easily slides around the edges, corners, and bottom.

Use a handyman helper spatula to get every Last Drop®️ out of your adhesive container, paint bucket, acrylic bottle, and other containers.

  • Spatty® fits into virtually any bottle, small bucket, or any other handyman products container
  • Spatty® slides easily around the sides, corners, and bottom of any container
  • Saves hundreds of dollars by saving leftover products
  •  Material that is strong, robust, and flexible
  • Great for mixing, spreading, and removing extra caulk or grout

Spatty® should be at the top of your list of handyman tools. They'll help you get the most out of your home and auto tasks because they're firm enough to mix, spread, and remove extra products like caulk or grout.

Saving Money is Now Within Reach®️

Scrape The Leftovers from Hard-to-Reach Spots!

Throwing away a lot of leftover products is a waste of money. You can save up to 25% of the product by using Spatty® handyman tools, which come in 12" and 6" sizes, making them suitable for reaching the hard spots in all containers.

Last Drop®️ Handyman Spatty® Set
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Last Drop®️ Handyman Spatty® Set


The Last Drop®️ handyman spatula tools are not limited to just scraping out the leftover products but also play a significant role in other tasks like mixing, spreading, and removing products.

You can even use these handyman helper tools to glide through hard-to-reach spots on vehicles, boats, and so forth, such as applying oil to small screw holes.

According to research, 25% of the product clings to the inside surface of the container or around the edges of the bottle designs. Because of the containers' narrow apertures and uneven structure, getting that product out is probably impossible.

For example, a good brand of home paint costs about $40 per gallon. Suppose a handyman uses an average of 25 gallons. The typical residual product will be approximately 3-4 gallons, resulting in a waste of around $150.

We just used paint products as an example. Many more items are used for handyman activities, and people try various methods and tricks to get the residual out but usually fail.

Our handyman tools provide a comprehensive solution to save money without wasting products while simplifying the complex tasks of removing the extra wasting products, including caulk or grout.

LAST DROP®️ Spatty® Dimensions

Handyman Helper Spatula- Designed Primarily to Simplify Rigid Works!

Spatty® spatulas for the handyman or other DIY jobs are designed to provide a firm grip while doing rigid work. The Spatty's angled silicone tip ensures you get every bit out, whether from a 6-inch or 12-inch length.

We understand that tossing out leftover items is expensive; you'll want to get the most return on your dollar. When you realize the product is nearing its end, the anxious feeling begins to bring the new product container while pausing or suspending the work.

Rather than throwing away the leftover products, gather even the Last Drop®️ of your expensive products with Spatty's Last Drop®️ handyman spatula set, which comes with a solution for every container size, even if you need a small spatula.

Why Spatty®?    

  • Spatty® fits into virtually any product container white the narrow openings
  • They are composed of dishwasher-safe plastic made of sturdy, resilient, and flexible material.
  • Also great for mixing, spreading & removing.
  • Spatty® mini spatula easily glides around containers' sides, corners, and base to get every last product drop.
  • A Spatty® spatula is small in size but saves you hundreds of dollars.

Spatty® Last Drop®️ handyman spatulas are a must-have tool for simplifying complicated handyman and DIY activities such as repair, maintenance, vehicle-related tasks, and other interiors/exterior projects.

Spatty® is a cost-effective and time-saving option to extend the life of your expensive products. These handyman tools can reach into any container and extract every last ounce. The flexible tips effortlessly slide over the curves and corners of containers, saving you money and time in the long run.