Last Drop®️ Crafting Spatula

Art & Craft are the most popular hobbies among most people. Those who devote time to their crafting projects must keep up with the tools and resources required to finish the task.

Spatty® Last Drop®️ Crafting Spatula is one of the essential tools to finish your crafting task efficiently; It is a money-saving solution that minimizes wastage by helping you not waste any of your crafting products.

Whether you're working on a major craft project or even pursuing your daily hobby, a tool that you should always keep aside to save money, time, and effort is Spatty's Last Drop®️ Crafting Spatula.

Get 25% More Product Out!

Last Drop®️ Crafting Spatula

Crafting items are packaged in compact containers with narrow openings, making it difficult to extract all of the substance, and 25% of it clings to the inside surface, which is generally thrown.

  • Use a Spatty® Last Drop®️ crafting spatula set to get every Last Drop®️ out of your glue bottle, glitter vail, and other craft supplies containers.
  • Spatty® fits into virtually any bottle, vial, or artistic product container on the market.
  • Spatty® slides easily around any container's sides, corners, and bottom.
  • Saves hundreds of dollars by saving leftover products
  • Material that is strong, robust, and flexible
  • Great for mixing, spreading, and collecting fallen products

Spatty® should be at the top of your list of crafting tools. It'll help you save many bucks for your tasks because it’s firm enough to mix, spread, and extract.

Saving Money is Now Within Reach®️

Your Precious Products Look Amazing Only on Your Art, Not in the Trash!

Your artistic products help elevate your art, so make sure you make the most of them and don't waste a single drop as they are meant to be used, not thrown.

Last Drop®️ Crafting Spatty®Set
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Last Drop®️ Crafting Spatty®Set


Spatty® Last Drop®️ crafting spatula is not just limited to scraping off leftover products. You can also mix paint and glitter, spread glue and other products to your artwork, or, if you accidentally pour some product, you can collect and put it back into the container.

According to the research, 25% of the products cling to the inner surface of the bottle or containers, which are difficult to scrape out. The narrow apertures and asymmetric designs of the bottles make it more difficult.

For example, the average cost of a cloth vial is $3.5, and the textile artist typically uses more than 10 vials per day. If each vial wasted 25% of the product, it would cost around $8.7 and over $250 a month.

It's just an example of fabric paint. Many more items are used for art and crafts, and individuals try various ways and strategies to get the leftovers out, but they typically fail.

Our crafting tool will provide a comprehensive solution to save money without wasting materials while reducing the complicated duties of scraping residual products such as glues, pigments, fabric paints, and dyes.

LAST DROP®️ Spatty® Dimensions

Last Drop®️ Crafting Spatula Set - Designed to Extract from Hard-to-Reach Spots!

The Spatty® Last Drop®️ spatula gives a strong grip while performing rigorous tasks. The slanted silicone tip (whether it's a 6-inch or 12-inch length) ensures that you get every drop out from the container.

We recognize that throwing out leftovers is extravagant; you'll want to get the most bang for your buck. When you discover the product is reaching the end of its life, you begin to worry about bringing the new product container while delaying or suspending the task.

Rather than throwing away the leftover materials, use Spatty's Last Drop®️ crafting spatula set to collect every Last Drop®️ of your valuable products, which works as a solution for any container size available. 

Why Spatty®?

  • Spatty® fits into virtually any product container with the narrow openings
  • They are composed of dishwasher-safe plastic made of sturdy, resilient, and flexible material.
  • Also great for mixing, spreading & collecting.
  • Spatty® mini spatula easily glides around containers' sides, corners, and base to get every last product drop.
  • A Spatty® spatula is small in size but saves you hundreds of dollars.

Spatty® Last Drop®️ crafting spatulas are a must-have tool for simplifying complicated artistic, crafting, and DIY activities. You have to extract the clung dyes, glues, paints, liquid rubbers, sep pigments, or other products.

Spatty® is a cost-effective and time-saving option to extend the life of your expensive products. These crafting tools can reach into any container and extract every last ounce. The flexible tips effortlessly slide over the curves and corners of containers, saving you money and time in the long run.