13 Most Useful Kitchen Tools - Every Home Cook Needs

13 Most Useful Kitchen Tools - Every Home Cook Needs

on June 30, 2022

Tools and gadgets simplify the complexity of any task. When it comes to cooking, you must do some smart shopping and upgrade to the most common kitchen utensils.
The kitchen should be equipped with modern tools to make it more functional and advanced. All kitchen supplies are necessary, but using modern multipurpose tools saves you a lot of time and makes daily kitchen activities smooth.
In this blog, we are sharing the list of the best kitchen utensils names and uses that will help you modernize your kitchen and amplify your cooking skills.

13 Best Kitchen Tools to Have In Your Kitchen

Get ready to upgrade your cooking with the most useful kitchen utensils and tools. Here are the 13 best cooking tools and their uses that will simplify your daily kitchen tasks: 

1.The Spatty - Kitchen Spatula

Spatty is one of the must-have kitchen tools that will save you time and a lot of dollars. The Spatty is a small spatula specially designed to extract the leftover clung food products from hard-to-reach spots in the containers.
Whether it's jam, peanut butter, cream, or any other leftover food product, please don't throw it away; use kitchen Spatty to get till the last drop out without wasting the food.

2. Hand Blenders

The hand blender or immersion blender is one of the most useful kitchen tools that will help you mix your soups, sauces, or creams directly into the containers, thereby reducing the number of dishes to be washed.

3. Kitchen Tongs

Kitchen tongs are like an expanded version of your fingers that do not feel hot (or cold either!). That's why they are useful in turning hot meats, reaching inside the oven for roasted foods, and serving the hot food on the platters without burning ourselves.

4. Measuring Cups & Spoons

You will be able to measure liquids and solids with the help of a set of measuring cups and spoons so that you can use them in the right quantities and not ruin the taste.

5. Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are a must-have utensil set that is useful for serving foods and scooping food from boiling water. It's also one of the safest alternatives to metal spoons because it doesn't scratch on utensils and is non-toxic to use instead of plastic spoons.

6. All In One Pan

The best time- and space-consuming kitchen utensil helps you fry, saute, steam, and do much more with a single pan. It comes in non-stick and non-toxic material, making it one of the best kitchen tools.

7. Mesh Strainers

Fruits and food items will not be wasted when mesh strainers are used in the kitchen for cleaning and draining. In addition to being easy to use, they do not take up additional space in the storage area.

8. Double Sided Peeler

There can be many tools for peeling fruits and vegetables. Still, a double-sided peeler is the best, as the dual peeling blade ensures that no rind is left, whether it's peeled upward or downward.

9. Magnetic measuring spoons

You will need these spoons if you plan to measure solids and liquids. Magnetic properties will help you stick to the utensils, so you won't have to search. Magnetic spoons are always stacked together so that you won't lose any.

10. Labeled reusable jars

Labeled reusable jars can be used to organize your kitchen and store food items, mixers, and other items. You can wash these jars anytime to reuse them, and food won't mix together with labels on them.

11. Long handle Fish Turner Spatula

Unlike the name, it does much more than flipping or turning fish. You can use it for multipurpose tasks like flipping any food while grilling, digging under the hot meat, and more. They come with super sturdy material to serve the food directly from the grill to the plate.

12. Non-Stick Pan

One of the most important fortes in food is the taste; the non-stick pans will help you maintain that without burning and sticking the food. It will help you not to waste any of the preparation. Always choose the ceramic coating pans as they are not harmful to health.

13. Kitchen Gloves

Kitchen gloves come in the category of cooking tools as they protect the hands from burning and cutting while cooking, chopping, or performing other risky tasks. They are one of the must-have tools while you are cooking, grilling, or serving.


We hope that this blog has provided you with valuable information and simplified your research of the appropriate kitchen and cooking tools you are looking for.
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