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4 Tips For Getting Every Last Drop of Your Lip Gloss

on May 26, 2020

Time to get your money's worth by getting the last drop of your lip gloss! Throwing away perfectly good makeup can be frustrating. Thankfully, we have the perfect hacks for getting the most out of your lip gloss Never throw away full lip gloss tubes again. Like ever!

Tip #1: Start with the Oldest First

Be honest. You probably have dozens of old tubes hidden around your home. Maybe there's that not-so-hot primrose you tried at your cousin’s winter wedding or your plumping lip polish tucked away at the bottom of your purse. Find all the hidden lip gloss and line them up from the oldest to the newest. 

Separate nearly empty tubes from fresher ones. Own lip gloss that looks unsalvageable? Don't toss it yet! We have more tips for you.

Tip #2: Make Microwave Miracles

Don’t give up on your old lip gloss. Heat a mug of water in your microwave. The water should be hot but not boiling. Tighten the lip gloss tube tightly. Let the tube stand in the water for ten full minutes. During this time, the makeup on the sides of the container will settle to the bottom, making it easier to reach with a cosmetic tool like the Spatty cosmetic spatula.

Tip #3: Use a Spatty for Hard to Reach Product 

Sometimes lip gloss can be stubborn. No worries. We have to thank Kai on Instagram for her incredible cosmetic hack using a knife and the Spatty to get the most product out of lip gloss tubes. Kai loves to save money and the environment by finding new ways to save old makeup. 

Her hack is super simple:

  • Carefully use a knife for popping off the inner chamber of the lip gloss
  • Insert the Cosmetic Spatty
  • Slowly pull up the Spatty with a steady and slow twirling motion
  • Use the Spatty as an applicator
  • Repeat if necessary

Kai was able to get all the product out of her lip gloss in a few minutes! Use the Spatty for the perfect makeup hack. Love Limited Edition colors? Then you need the Spatty!

Tip #4: Transfer Makeup to a New Container

Save the extra makeup by transferring the product to a new container after using the Spatty. If you have enough lip gloss for multiple applications, take the time to store your lip gloss in an airtight container for easy use. Use the Cosmetic Spatty as a helpful lip gloss applicator.

Get Every Last Drop with the Spatty

The Spatty is the top trending cosmetic tool today. every serious makeup aficionado needs the Spatty. Affordable and versatile, the Spatty will save you hundreds of dollars. Use the Spatty for all your makeup, like foundation and lotion. Never toss old makeup again!

Pick the Spatty that is right for you and order one now!

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by jordyn on October 07, 2023

i found tis information helpful but i found out a way to take out most of the excess lip gloss out the tube.