5 Beach Budget-Friendly - Spatty

5 Beach Budget-Friendly Must Have’s

on August 06, 2021

It's that time of year again to pack up the beach bag and head to the nearest beach for some much-needed relaxation! BUT WAIT! Don't leave for the beach without your favorite (budget-friendly) items!

#5 Sandmat with Carrying Case

After a dip in the ocean, the last thing we want to do is to sit down and get covered in sand. This mat is not only waterproof, but sand flows through, keeping your towel, belongings, and you sand-free! At under $30, this is one of our must-haves, especially with kids!

4. Large Wet Bag

Don't put wet towels and suits back in your beach bag! Instead, grab one of these large wet bags. The waterproof liner keeps wetness inside and your beach bag dry! When you get home, open up the bag and toss your wet clothes straight into the washer along with the wet bag! That's right, wet bags are machine washable! At $15, this bag is worth every penny!

3. A Gallon of Water

No, not to drink! While it is super important to keep hydrated while outside, keep water in your car to clean the sand off your feet before you get in! Sometimes it is good to keep the beach at the beach! 

2. Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Protect your skin and the environment by choosing a reef-safe sunscreen! Our favorite is thinksport! This product has broad spectrum protection, is super water resistant, and friendly to the environment! Just like the Spatty, this product is made in the USA!

1. The Cosmetic Spatty Set!

Don't leave the beach early because you ran out of sunscreen! Make sure you pack your beauty Spatty to get every last drop! 

Pro tip: 

Bringing your picnic to the beach? Instead, make sure to pack your kitchen Spatty for all your condiments!