5 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas - Spatty

5 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

on June 08, 2021

Father’s Day is right around the corner and will be here before you know it! Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your Father’s Day gift! While some dads are easy to buy for because they tell you what they want, other dads you ask and ask and ask, and they can never tell you what they want! Check out our 5 great Father’s Day gift ideas and maybe one of these will be perfect for the Father in your life!

1. Spatty Handyman’s Helper Pro

Spatty Handyman’s Helper Pro is a tiny spatula-sized tool that is perfect for retrieving every last drop of product from containers when you cannot get any more product out. Spatty Handyman’s Helper Pro tools are great for mixing, spreading, removing excess product, and getting product from hard-to-reach places!

Spatty Handyman’s Helper Pro is a great tool for the father in your life that has it all! It is also a great gift for dads who are mechanics, woodworkers, painters, builders, cooks, chefs, or those who like to work in their shop.

2. Amazon Gift Card

Do you have a father who is always buying things online? I know my husband and my father are both always getting packages from Amazon. I mean, what can you not find on Amazon? I know a gift card may not seem personal, but this way, if he does not have anything he is wanting, he will have the gift card to use for when he can think of something he would like!

3. Foot Massager

A foot massager is an excellent gift for the hard-working father in your life! Do you have a dad who is always on his feet at work? A foot massager will provide helpful relief to his tired feet after a long day at work! 

4. Beard Kit

Do you have a dad who has a beard or is working on growing one? A beard kit would be a great gift for him! Find a kit with all the things the father in your life would need: beard shampoo, beard conditioner, facial moisturizer, trimmer, etc. 

5. Wireless Touch Speaker

A wireless touch speaker is a great gift. There are endless places to use it. You can take it to the beach, the pool, the lake, garage, man cave, outside get together, or shed. All the fathers in my life have one of these, and love it!