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5 Must Have Spatulas For Your Kitchen

on September 16, 2021

If you are like me, you love kitchen gadgets and have more than one drawer full of kitchen tools! I want to talk about one specific type of tool that I use all the time: the KITCHEN SPATULA! I have several different kitchen spatulas because different spatulas work best for different kitchen needs. Spatulas are not a one-size-fits-all kitchen tool! I will tell you about 5 different kitchen spatulas that I feel everyone needs in their kitchen.

Small Spatula

The best small spatula I have found is the Spatty Kitchen Set. It comes with a 12” and a 6” Spatty. These small kitchen spatulas are the perfect size to fit into any container in your kitchen, so you can retrieve every drop of product out of the container! The Spatty Kitchen set spatulas are also great for mixing, spreading, and decorating! So you will want to have one of these handy small kitchen spatulas on hand!

Everyday Spatula

A good silicone spatula is great for everyday use. There are many to choose from. I like to use OXO Good Grips Silicone Everyday Spatula. I love the feel of OXO products, and they work great!

Spatula for Cast Iron

I like the Chef Craft Select Turner Spatula to use on cast iron. It is a tough and sturdy stainless steel spatula. It has a long handle so you can keep a safe distance while cooking. 

Spatula for Baking

I love the Rubbermaid commercial products cold temperature scraper spatula for baking because it was made for cold food scraping and scooping like icing, cake mix, batter, butter, and more!

Spatula for Nonstick Pans

You do not want to use just any spatula for a nonstick pan because you do not want to scratch the pan. The Anolon Suregrip Slotted Turner is a great spatula to use on your nonstick pans! It is sturdy and safe to heat up to 400 degrees F.