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5 Great Tips For Saving Money

on May 25, 2021

Who doesn’t like to find ways to save money? It is always nice to be able to stretch a dollar. Saving money is always a great thing to do, but I feel now with gas prices and grocery costs going up, finding creative ways to save money would be a great topic to write a blog on. I have 5 great tips that will help you save money!

1. Use a Spatty

I designed Spatty for the purpose of saving money. All the makeup, beauty products, condiments, craft supplies, etc. add up. You are throwing away up to 25% of your product when it no longer comes out. Spatty allows you to get to and use that 25% of product you were throwing in the trash because you simply can not get to it.

Let’s take one bottle of foundation as an example. Let’s say the bottle of foundation costs $50.00. 25% of that would be $12.50 that you are throwing in the trash! That is just one item! Imagine all the products you throw away in a year that still have up to 25% of product left in the bottle! Spatty can save you hundreds of dollars a year!

2. Coupon Shop

Coupon shopping can be time-consuming, but you can save a lot of money by using them. There are even special circumstances where your total bill will be zero, or the store might even owe you money back! There are a lot of great coupon communities out there that have couponing down to an art. Find a coupon community where you live and get plugged in to find the best deals! Southern Savers is a great one if you live in the South like I do.

3. Meal Prep; Don’t Eat Out as Much

One of the biggest ways people spend too much money is eating out. To help cut down on eating out, try meal prepping for the week. If you have meals ready to go, you are much less likely to order out or go out to eat.

4. Make Your Coffee at Home

If you get a cup of coffee each day, the average cost is around $5.00. That is $150 a month you are spending on coffee. If you make your coffee at home, the average price is about 18 cents per cup! There is huge potential for savings here!

5. Keep Your Spare Change

Your spare change adds up, including your pennies! Keep your spare change in a jar, and when it is full, take it to the bank and deposit it. You'll be surprised.

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