6 Cake Making Tips

6 Cake Making Tips

on April 13, 2021

One of my favorite desserts is a nice moist cake. I look forward to the dessert portion of meals, especially when it's time to eat cake at parties. I also find it fun making cakes. I have some great tips for you to follow when making your cakes.

  1. Room Temperature
    If the recipe calls for “room temperature” ingredients, make sure those ingredients are at room temperature. Room temperature ingredients bond together. A good rule for room temperature butter is to leave it on the counter for 1-2 hours before you start making your cake.
  1. Follow the Recipe
    This may sound like a no-brainer, but many people will skip steps or not measure ingredients correctly. Each step has a purpose, and each ingredient has a specific measurement for a particular reason. Make sure you follow the steps and the measurements accurately. 
  1. Grease Pans
    You do not want your cake to stick to the pan, so make sure you grease the pans. One of the best ways to properly grease your pans is with shortening. It is not sticky, and it works great.
  1. Don’t Frost the Cake too Early
    Wait until the cake is completely cool before you add the frosting. 
  1. Use a Spatty
    A kitchen Spatty can be used in so many different ways when baking a cake. You can use a Spatty for mixing, stirring, decorating, and getting every last drop of batter out of the bowl.
  1. Separate Eggs When Cold
    If the recipe calls for separated eggs, you need to separate the eggs before bringing the eggs to room temperature. Eggs separate better when they are cold.
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by Pam Puls on April 24, 2021

Please make a Spatty that’s 6-8” with a bigger head on it (like the one on larger Spatty)