A Secret To Extend Lifespan Of Your Makeup: Beauty Spatula Revealed

A Secret To Extend Lifespan Of Your Makeup: Beauty Spatula Revealed

on April 09, 2024

You know that moment, right? When you're already running late, and your favorite makeup decides to play hard to get, sticking to the bottle like it's glued down. Ugh, talk about annoying.

Rushing to the store isn't an option when every minute counts. It's like your money and precious time are just evaporating.

But hey, we've got your back. Say hello to the Spatty makeup spatula – your new secret weapon. Curious? Stick with us to find out how this nifty tool is about to change your game and save your bank.

The Reason Behind the Makeup Problem

Let's dive into why this happens. It’s mostly the design. Think narrow openings and deep spots that your makeup clings to. And, makeup’s thickness? That doesn’t help when you're tilting or tapping the bottle.

Some makeup is thick or sticky. So, even with lots of shaking, some stays stuck. It's annoying, especially when you're in a rush. It feels like wasting product and money.

But there's good news. We have a smart solution for this tricky issue.

Introducing Beauty Spatty: Extract Till The Last Drop

Meet the Spatty beauty spatula. It’s a smart little tool that helps you get every bit of makeup out of bottles. Imagine a tiny helper that reaches into all the hard spots. It’s flexible and thin, perfect for scooping out makeup.

How do you use it?

Easy. Just slide it into the bottle, move it around the edges and bottom, and there you have it—no more wasted makeup.

Safety is also paramount, as it's made from materials for use with cosmetics. Plus, it comes in two handy sizes: the 6-inch Spatty for smaller tasks and the 12-inch Spatty Daddy for when you need a bit more reach.

Say goodbye to tapping bottles and wasting time. With this spatula, you save makeup, time, and money. Simple as that!

Let’s Look at The Cost-Effective Side Of This Mini Makeup Spatula!

Did you know that around 17% to 25% of beauty products end up being discarded? That’s right—due to their bottle's size, shape, and the consistency of the contents, a significant portion just becomes too tough to extract and ultimately goes to waste.

Think about it. If you're using a variety of makeup products with design flaws—like foundation, concealer, lipstick, serum—that makes it a challenge to use every last drop, you're essentially tossing out about $15 worth of product for every $60 spent.
Over time, and across your beauty arsenal, this adds up to more than $100 worth of products literally going down the drain.

For makeup artists and beauty service providers, the stakes are even higher. The waste could tally up to thousands of dollars lost annually. That's a substantial chunk of change that could be invested back into their business or passion.

This is precisely where our mini makeup spatula steps in to save the day—and your wallet.

Versatility of the Beauty Spatula

This beauty spatula is not just for scraping out the last bits of your makeup. It does a lot more! Think of it as your all-in-one makeup tool. You can use it to mix, spread, and even apply makeup. It's like a Swiss army knife for your beauty kit.

Mixing makeup? Easy. The spatula mixes products well, giving you the perfect blend. And if you hate getting your hands dirty while applying a face mask or cream, this spatula is perfect. It spreads products smoothly on your skin.

Applying makeup? The spatula helps with that too. It's great for creamy or liquid makeup. You can reach all the tricky spots without any trouble.

So, the beauty spatula does it all. It's a game-changer in your makeup routine, making every step easier.

4 Effective Tips To Make The Most Out of Beauty Spatula

Here are some tips that will help you maximize your convenience with Spatty makeup spatulas:

1. Wash After Every Use

Keep your spatula clean by washing it with soap and warm water right after you use it.

2. Dry Thoroughly

Make sure to dry your spatula completely before putting it away to prevent any bacteria buildup.

3. Have Spatulas Ready

Keep a few spatulas in different places—like one in your makeup bag, one with your skincare products, and one in your travel kit. This ensures you're always prepared.

4. Store Them Right

 Put your spatulas in a spot where they can stay clean and dry, like in an organizer or a special section of your makeup drawer.

Ready to Save Till the Last Drop?

Want to save money and be kind to the planet? Get your spatula today. Go to Spatty Beauty's official page to order yours. Say goodbye to waste and hello to savings with just a click.