Beauty Bloggers Can't Live Without These 15 Makeup Tools

Beauty Bloggers Can't Live Without These 15 Makeup Tools

on April 18, 2022

Creating a makeup kit always becomes a hectic task as makeup brush tools, eyeliner brush tools, cleansing pad tools, and many more makeup tools have to be managed separately. 

This blog will make your job easier as we are sharing the 15 most essential makeup tools and accessories from all of them to add more beauty makeup tools to your makeup bucket. 

15 Makeup Tools Beauty Bloggers Must Have in 2022 

1. Cleansing Balm 

Beauty bloggers need to apply makeup and keep it for long. Using the cleansing balm helps remove makeup & impurities and clears pores.

2. Spatty 

Spatty is a spatula-like tool that helps to take out undispensed leftover products inside all tiny opening bottles resulting in saving lots of bucks. 

Spatty is a highly recommended tool that should be present in every makeup kit. 

3. Anti-aging Mask 

Due to many makeup applications, the skin becomes dull. Using an anti-aging mask at regular intervals makes the skin feel hydrated and look more youthful. 

4. Derma Roller 

A derma roller can reduce skin impurities like acne, scars, discoloration, wrinkles, stretch marks, and much more. 

5. Lash Enhancing Serum 

Without a doubt, eyelashes enhance the overall beauty of the face. It is ideal to use Lash enhancing serum to make them look even more beautiful. 

6. Blender Brush 

This Brush is recommended for effortless blending of primers to the foundation to powder formulas without soaking too much of products. 

7. Root Touch-ups 

Root touch-ups are hair products used as hair color extenders formulated as sprays, powders, and pastes to blend the color of the roots into the rest of your hair color. 

8. Pore Cleansing Pad 

The most effective and easy-to-use tool for deep cleansing pores and exfoliating skin easily while not wearing makeup. 

9. Eyelash Curler 

Curl eyelashes make the greatest impression; using this tool will enhance your face's beauty. 

10. Face Oil 

Face oil helps soften, seal, and strengthen the outer layer of your skin to protect pores from damage in the long run. 

11. Eye Cream  

The eyes are said to be the most beautiful part of the body. Still, with many makeup products applied to make them more beautiful and appealing, they can damage them too.  

To take care of your eyes, you must have eye cream in your kit for before/after makeup application to save it from anti-aging and puffiness. 

12. CE Ferulic Serum 

This Vitamin C Serum protects the skin from environmentally dangerous UV rays, ozone, and diesel exhaust which are serious threats to your skin. 

13. Eyeliner Brush Set 

Eyeliner is considered the most effective tool for edge-to-edge makeup applications. With eyeliner's help, you can easily make eye lines without leaving any gaps. 

14. Tinted Moisturizer  

Tinted moisturizers are a lighter blend to the skin and give your skin a more even-toned complexion than foundations, making them a healthier option for your daily makeup application. 

15. Facial Sponge 

Facial sponges are great for your skin's complexion and help you get rid of dead skin and promote the growth of new skin cells. 


The list could go on with 150 more tools, but we have shared only the essential makeup tools you should have in your makeup kit without making it more complicated.  

Going for disposable makeup tools is mostly recommended for a safe and hygienic makeup application process.