Best Craft Tool for Making Halloween Crafts 2020

Best Craft Tool for Making Halloween Crafts 2020

on October 28, 2020

Keep your little monsters busy with creative Halloween crafts this year. From making sparkly decorative pumpkins to cute paper plate spiders, every crafting queen needs the best tools when it comes to doing halloween crafts for kids. When you are neck-deep in homemade Halloween slime, you need to find ways to save money. Never throw away unused art supplies again with the super handy Crafting Spatty. Save hundreds of dollars each year with this tiny spatula. How? We'll tell you! 

Glue Woes Go Away

Moms and teachers, don't you hate it when kids can't get glue out of a bottle? Nothing frustrates a child more than trying to squeeze the glue out of a bottle that is glued shut. No worries! Don't throw away that bottle! Instead, your child can use the Crafting Spatty to scoop up glue for their Halloween crafts mess-free. Save up to 25% of your art supplies each year when you use the Spatty.

Perfect for Paint! 

Tired of paint stuck at the bottom of a bottle? Use the Crafting Spatty to scrape up every last drop of paint quickly. The handy long handle reaches the bottom of every paint container. Use the Spatty to scrape up paint and apply to your fun Halloween crafts. Avoid wasting money with this fun little tool.

Mess-Free Art Making

Some kids don't like to get messy. And that is okay! The Spatty allows every child to participate in spooky craft-making. The Spatty comes in two handy sizes to help your child paint, glue, and decorate. Use the Spatty to apply paint, glue, or even slime to creepy Halloween art. Make art stress-free every time.

So Sweet for Slime!

It's Halloween, and kids LOVE slime! But cleaning up sticky goop from little hands and furniture is not fun. Minimize the mess with the Spatty. Use the Crafting Spatty to apply slime to projects. Decorating the home for Halloween? The Crafting Spatty allows you to scrape every last drop of goop without the big mess.

When you need the perfect Halloween craft tool, then get the Crafting Spatty. The Spatty comes in two convenient sizes. Save money and minimize mess this year with our handy 2-Pack Crafting set.

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