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Use Spatty to Get Every Last Drop

on February 23, 2022

When was the last time you thought about how much paint you've wasted doing craft projects? Or, perhaps, you have never been able to get all of that mustard out of the container. It's estimated that we waste nearly 25% of our food, paint, makeup, and other items because of the way it's packaged. 

Spatty developed a line of products to help you use all of your products to the last drop! That's right- we have a spatula to meet all of your needs around the house. 

  • Crafting - Working with small paint jars and adhesives means you deal with small containers. It is notoriously hard to get all of that paint out with a paintbrush. We created the Crafting Spatula just for this reason. Use all of your color. You paid for it.
  • Handyman - Whether you're a weekend DIY'er or a professional contractor, you have no doubt seen how much paint gets stuck on the sides and under the lip of your paint can. Spatty's Handyman Spatula was created to get the most out of your purchase. Get that paint or wood glue out of the bottles and use it all.
  • Kitchen - BBQ sauce and Ketchup. Just think about how much of these two food toppings you've wasted this year alone. A Kitchen Spatula is the perfect tool for you to ensure you get every last drop of BBQ sauce you paid for. 
  • Beauty - Some foundation containers and almost all mascara containers have the smallest of openings, and it's hard to get all of the product out. They can also be costly and something we don't want to waste. Using Spatty's Beauty Spatula will ensure you get your money's worth, while it helps get every last drop out of the bottle.  

The bottom line is you're wasting money every day throwing out up to a quarter of your paint, sauces, or makeup. GET EVERY LAST DROP®.  If you'd like to find out more about any of our spatulas, be sure to reach out and contact us.

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by Shari Z on March 28, 2022

These are the best tools at getting to the bottom of a bottle or container to get the last drop of makeup, ketchup, or whatever it is so your hard earned money doesn’t end up in the landfill! Even as a crafter, I find them very handy, getting that last bit of craft paint (or glue) at the bottom of the container. They are inexpensive, but oh so handy at getting every last bit of product from a container. These make a great “stocking stuffer” or anytime gift for anyone!