Craft your Christmas With Tool - Spatty

Craft your Christmas With This Helpful Tool

on December 17, 2021

Christmastime is crafting time. Almost any crafting project requires materials like glue, paint, gel, paste, and other stuff that comes in jars, bottles, and other containers with tiny openings. When that container starts getting low, you might throw it out. If not, you've probably tried using random tools around the house to get that precious stuff out of the container – chopsticks, pencils, pens, screwdrivers, you name it. Even if you can get a small tool to fit inside, the problem is effectively getting the material out of the container and onto your project where it belongs.

Meet your new favorite crafting tool, the Spatty® Crafting Spatula. This small tool fits inside nearly any container and gets every last drop of product by gliding around the bottom, sides, and corners of the container with ease. As seen on Shark Tank, the Spatty® Crafting Spatula is also perfect for spreading, mixing, and decorating. This tool is ideal for projects around the house, too. 

Use Spatty® to create unique ornaments for your Christmas tree. It's perfect for blending and mixing paint colors, applying clear protective coatings, and placing tiny decorations and miniatures right where you want them. Stop wasting expensive products by getting up to 25% more of that hard-to-get material out of the jar. 

Spatty® is sturdy, flexible, durable. With the Crafting Spatty® Set, you'll get both sizes. The 6-inch Spatty® works well for most uses, and the 12-inch long Spatty® comes in handy for those extra hard-to-reach corners and bottoms of containers. Spatty® reduces mess and makes your crafting projects look great.

Did someone say, stocking stuffer? At $11.99, the Crafting Spatty® Set is a perfect gift for him or her this holiday season. Get yours now! Once you use this convenient tool, you'll want to tell all your friends about it. Why not get in the Christmas spirit and stock up? Start saving money while adding a professional touch to all your Christmas crafts. Feel free to contact us with any questions.