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Crafting Tip: How Do You Get All the Product Out of the Bottle?

on April 09, 2020

Few things are more nerve-wracking than not being able to get that last drop of paint or glue out of the bottle! Whether you paint and do crafts for yourself or do fun family kids crafts that are easy enough for a toddler, you want to get the most out of your art supplies. You spend a lot on quality crafting products. But according to Consumer Reports, Americans discard 25% of their products! Stop tossing perfectly good art supplies. Here is an exciting crafting tip to get every last drop™ out of any bottle!

Paint or glue buildup can make getting all the product difficult. Don’t throw away your crafting paint yet. Believe it or not, you will save yourself a lot of hassle and money by using the Spatty crafting spatula. This exciting, tiny (and cute!) spatula helps you scoop the last bit of product quickly and easily.

The long handle and uniquely designed miniature spatula head quickly reach the bottom, sides, and corners of any bottle or container. Just scoop and scrape all of the paint or glue quickly, without a mess. Affordable and available for a wide variety of uses like crafting or cooking, the Spatty is a revolutionary must-have tool for every home or school.

Benefits of the Spatty

The affordable Crafting Spatty fits into any glue bottle, paint tube, or glitter gel container you purchase. Use the Spatty as a small paintbrush. Use it to dab glue on your kids' crafts, easy! These sturdy, flexible tools are made in the United States. They have FDA approval. Save yourself hundreds of dollars each year!

Great for Kids!

Your kids will love the Spatty! The Crafting Spatty comes in different sizes, both with a long handle and a cute little handle. Toddlers and small children will have fun painting and creating crafts with the Spatty. Older kids and teens can get creative with the tools. Use the Cosmetic Spatty to paint a portrait, glue Christmas ornaments, or even carve clay. Spend hours of fun making memories with your kids with the Spatty!

Get more bang for your buck with the Crafting Spatty. These tools pay for themselves after only a  few uses. This easy-to-use crafting solution helps you reach the last bit of product. Reach all of the product out of the bottle easily with the Crafting Spatty.

Contact us to learn more about the Spatty line of products or order your Craftying Spatty today!

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