Crafty Mom Tip: Get Every Last Bit of Product from the Bottle!

Crafty Mom Tip: Get Every Last Bit of Product from the Bottle!

on August 27, 2020

Moms, are you tired of wasting paint and glue every time you finish a project? You might be throwing away hundreds of dollars every year in wasted crafting supplies. Want to save money? Then it's time to get a Crafting Spatty! These cute affordable little spatulas not only help you reach into nearly every container on the market but use them for decorating and more. It's kid-friendly, too!

The One Tool Every Crafty Mom Should Have!

Whether you are decorating this year’s Christmas ornaments or are trying to keep the kids busy with a fun artsy (and messy) creative project, the Spatty will help you save money and time. The cute little spatula quickly fits into any container. So safe and simple to use that everyone from kids to Grandma can use the Spatty.

Need to reach paint or glue? Never have to worry about trying to cut open a bottle or wait for gravity again. Insert the Crafting Spatty until it touches the bottom. Then turn, twist, and scrape away until all the product is gone. At this point, you can use the Spatty to apply to your crafting project or transfer to another container. It's that easy!

What else can you do with the Crafting Spatty?

  • Use to paint small projects
  • Apply and spread glue or paint
  • Decorate
  • Mix paints and art supplies
  • Hands-free crafting
  • Can use for baking projects
  • Get to the bottom of expensive supplies

Want the perfect multipurpose tool for your craft room? Then get the Spatty!

Kid-Friendly Too!

We promise to provide you a safe product. Our crafting spatulas come in two easy-to-use sizes – 6 inch and 12 inch. Light, resilient, and flexible, the Crafting Spatty is perfect for those artsy school projects and family crafts. The spatulas last for a long time of continued use, perfect for kids and teens. Purchase a set for every child in your family.

The Spatty and Back-to-School

Are you planning to teach at school or home this year? Then the Crafting Spatty is perfect for those messy arts and crafts projects. Whether you need to reach the glue at the bottom of the bottle or want a hands-free way of applying paint, use the Spatty for a wide variety of school uses. Avoid getting paint and germs on your hands when you use the Spatty. Save hundreds of dollars on art supplies, glue, and crafting supplies every year.

When you are in a jam, reach for the Crafting Spatty. Save money and have fun with this cute little crafting tool.

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