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Diaper Changing Tips for New Parents - The Spatty

on February 01, 2023

Are you onboarding the journey of parenthood? Or looking for hacks and checklists to make your journey easy?

If yes, here are some necessary items, diaper changing tips, and a bonus tool to help ease your work. By following these tips, diapering will be no more daunting for you!

Things You Need To Changing A Baby's Diaper Easily

Get the checklist ready to make it no rush and smooth!

Wipes, your ultimate savior!

To clean your baby's bottom, ensure a stock of wet wipes or washcloths within your reach for easy cleaning. This will make the process less stressful.

Diapers for a fresh start

Your baby might trick you with the new rolling skills! So keep diapers near you to avoid leaving your baby unattended even for a second. According to a study, boys tend to pee when they feel the cool air on opening the diaper. So, another diaper-changing tip for baby boys is to keep more backup diapers.

Diaper Cream for moisture lock

Baby's skin is highly sensitive and might result in diaper rashes that may further cause irritation and uneasiness to sleep. So, to prevent the baby from diaper rashes in the first place, it is effective to use diaper cream.

Baby Spatula for hygienic cream application

Hygiene has always been the foremost concern for parents. But often, forget that applying cream or lotion with bare hands might infect the baby. To avoid this, use Baby Butt Spatula, which is more precise than fingers.

Easy Steps and Diaper Hacks that can save you time!

When prepared with the necessary items, here are the easy steps to follow for a newborn diaper change.

  1. Before changing a baby's diaper, wash your hands with soapy water. You can also opt for sanitizer if you change the diaper in a public place.
  2. Get started by placing the baby on a comfortable, flat surface that is safe for you and the baby.
  3. If you are using a disposable diaper, carefully elevate your baby's legs and feet, open it, and slide it underneath. The adhesive strip portion on the rear should be roughly level with your baby's belly button.
  4. While unwrapping the sticky strips around, be careful that the tape does not touch your baby's skin. Slide down the dirty diaper by elevating the baby's legs up.
  5. Clean your baby's butt and other parts with the help of wipes or wet cloth, whichever is easy to make a grip with!
  6. Place the new diaper gently after patting the baby's butt with a dry cloth. Also, pat your back because you have done it all well!

Here Are Some Diaper Hacks That You Shouldn't Miss!

  • Small-size diapers may leak, and bigger ones can be uncomfortable for the baby. So, choose the right size.
  • Watch out for the colored line and place the diaper in the center.
  • Use a diaper bucket to toss dirty diapers quickly.
  • Enjoy the moment; this will be the best bonding experience with your little one.

Taking Care of a baby's hygiene is now easy with The Spatty Baby Spatula!

Sometimes, your mind may be bombarded with questions like, what if I forgot to wash my hands before changing my diaper? Will it affect my baby's health? Or do I have to scrape through the bottle if the lotions run out at the very moment?

The Spatty Baby Spatula is the answer to each of these questions! As it helps to shield babies from germs that transmit via hand during the application of the cream. It is the all-in-one tool for applying Diaper Cream, Diaper Rash Cream, and others.

Why is Spatty Baby Spatula the perfect fit for your Baby?

The tips of the diaper paste spatula are the perfect size to provide a secure grip and consistently scoop out a suitable amount of substance. You can directly apply the cream on your baby's butt with the easy help of a spatula, as it is a secure fit for the baby's delicate skin. It is more sanitary for your palms and also easier to clean!

Wishing you safe parenting with The Spatty Baby Spatula!