how to organize spatulas

Easy Organizing Tips For Storing Spatulas & Cooking Utensils

on August 05, 2022

Do you spend most of your valuable time in the kitchen looking for utensils instead of preparing meals?

It's essential to organize your kitchenware, whether for your home kitchen or a professional one. Spatulas, peelers, tongs, knives, and any other kitchen utensil may all be stored in an organized manner to save time and effort.

It will be easier to get through the daily grind if you allocate a fixed and suitable place. Even if there are spatula organizers on the market, practical organization abilities are still necessary.

This blog will hone your skills with pro tips on organizing spatulas and other cooking utensils.

Let's start organizing your kitchen!

5 Tips on How to Organize Spatulas

A kitchen spatula is a must-have tool great for mixing ingredients and scraping the leftovers from the sides of containers.

How to Organize Spatulas

Although spatulas are versatile, storing them requires good kitchen organizing skills. Here are some tips for storing spatulas and not always wasting time searching for them:

1. Spatula Drawer Organizer

Inserting a kitchen drawer organizer for spatulas in the cabinet is the simplest way to store your spatulas.

Regardless of the different sizes, a spatula organizer will help organize spatulas in one place and help you not waste time searching for them from too many utensils.

2. Wall mounted hooks

Another uncomplicated way to organize spatulas is by using wall hooks to hang them every time after use.

The hanging spatulas will also provide a classy look to your kitchen with retro vibes.

3. PegBoards

Pegboards are high in fashion and provide a classic look to kitchens while simplifying many organizing problems.

Storing the spatula on the peg boards will help you find them easily with other utensils in the same place without making a mess.

4. Back of Cabinet Doors

One creative way to store spatulas is to clip them to the back of cabinet doors. Hang the spatula inside them.

This way, they are not visible to everyone, and you do not need to compromise with the theme of the kitchen interiors.

5. Utensil Holders for Kitchen Tops

Utensil holders are a great way to keep the daily use utensils and tools in the front and easily reach them.

Using classy holders matching the kitchen's interior theme will help you store the spatulas a lot easier without the odd looks.

5 Tips to Organize Your Cooking Utensils

Just arranging the spatula doesn't make the kitchen organized. A lot of utensils are used for cooking.

Organizing cooking utensils is a big problem in every home and commercial kitchen. There are many ways to organize kitchen utensils. Some pro tips that will help you manage your cooking utensils are mentioned below:

1. Store Least Used Utensils In Pantry

The best and easiest way to organize your kitchen is to keep the least used utensils in the pantry. This way, the daily needed utensils will be easily accessible. You don't have to create a mess when looking for a particular utensil.

2. Use Dead Space with Side Stations

The side of the cabinets is the perfect place to hang up the utensils on the hangers. Creating a side station will always be a great idea. You don't have to compromise with the interior's looks.

3. Utilize The Space Behind Sink

The wall behind the sink is the perfect place to install rail systems. You can stash scissors, cleaning items, Freshener sprays, and other extra kitchen accessories. To add more creativity, you can install dish rack hangings to place dishes to dry after washing instantly.

4. Replace Normal Drawers with Dividers

Ordinary drawers are suitable for storing utensils but fail when used for ease of use. Keeping too many utensils in the same drawer will always be a mess, and it will be hard to reach essential utensils. Replacing your drawers with dividers will help you store your utensils in an organized way.

5. Install Pull Out Cabinet (Utensil Organizer)

Pull-out cabinets are the best hack to store utensils. They are designed to store every type of utensil according to size and shape. You can customize these drawers according to your space. Installing one across the counters will help save space as well as keep utensils in an orderly manner.

Conclusion: Use Kitchen Spatulas That Are Great In Storing!

The tips will assist you in organizing your kitchen and storing your spatulas without wasting time searching for them.

The kitchen spatulas always come in not too big sizes, and their longevity depends on the material. Careless storage will quickly spoil the spatulas.

It is ideal to use strong, durable, and flexible spatulas that quickly fulfill the purpose and provide long-time service.

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