Happy Women's History Month!

Happy Women's History Month!

on March 25, 2021

Did you know March has been the official Women’s History month since 1981? To celebrate, we wanted to showcase a few of our favorite Woman-Owned brands in the beauty community that we think you’ll love.

The Lip Bar 

Melissa Butler started her cosmetic brand in 2012 after feeling frustrated by the beauty industry. She started by making lipsticks in unconventional colors in her kitchen, and made it to Shark Tank in 2015. She got a harsh rejection, but Melissa didn’t let it stop her! With lots of hard work, she started selling The Lip Bar at Target in 2016, and today you can find her products in almost any Target store. A fantastic story and some of the most amazing packaging you’ve ever seen! 

Palette by Pak

Founder and Inventor Kate Westad came up with the idea for the innovative tool, Palette by Pak in 2019: a reusable, five-well palette that lets you bring all your favorite skincare on the go without the mess or the heavy bottles. We loved this idea so much, we collaborated on The Original High Fiver Set! It’s a match made in heaven: an exclusive neon yellow Spatty that helps you get Every Last Drop and the Original High Fiver to store it in!

Bolt Beauty

A brand new, zero waste and Woman-Owned brand, Bolt Beauty makes your skincare routine biodegradable and no-nonsense. All their skincare comes in small, “poppable” capsules that contain precisely the amount of product you need. Founder Lisa Sexton wanted to create a skincare range that you can bring with you as you “Bolt” out the door, and she’s done just that. Not to mention used capsules can be dissolved in hot water and make great liquid food for your indoor plants!

The Spatty 

And last but not least: the Spatty! Our founder Cheryl Rigdon brought her idea to Shark Tank in 2012 after a frustrating evening of not being able to get to all of her expensive foundation. She walked away with a mentorship from Shark, Daymond John and the beginnings of her new company. Woman-owned, invented, and run, Spatty is now a growing business that not only makes amazing products but also donates a percentage of all proceeds to providing clean drinking water in developing countries. 

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