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How Do You Empty a Lotion Bottle?

on April 06, 2020

Because you care about your skin, you buy quality products and lotions. However, lotion buildup at the bottom of a bottle can lead to wasted product. Don't throw away expensive cosmetics and creams. Instead, save yourself hundreds of dollars each year by using every bit of product. How can you reach every drop of your lotion from the bottom of the bottle? Check out these top beauty tips from top cosmetic professionals.

Getting the Most Out of Your Lotion

You want to use every bit of lotion. While there are some ingenious ways to get most of the lotion out of a bottle, like turning the bottle upside-down or slicing it open with a knife, these methods often leave a big mess behind and do not get all of the product. You still end up tossing away valuable, expensive lotion.

"Most Americans throw away over twenty-five percent of their useable products each year."

What can you do?

Thankfully, there are new “revolutionary” Cosmetic Spatula Tools that help you save money by getting every last drop of your lotion bottle and makeup. The Cosmetic Spatty has a uniquely designed small spatula shape that reaches every part of any container. Durable, flexible, and lightweight, the Spatty can be used by anyone.

How to Use the Spatty

Besides using the Cosmetic Spatty to scoop up the hard-to-reach lotion, use the Spatty for applying makeup. The soft plastic makes a gentle cosmetics applicator. Its unique shape makes it ideal for contouring. Check out these great beauty tips:

  • Use the Cosmetic Spatty to reach into any lotion bottle, lip gloss, or foundation bottle
  • Use the Spatty to scoop out lotion and product from those hard-to-reach corners and sides
  • Use the Cosmetic Spatty as a handy cosmetics applicator
  • Mix your unique colors with the Spatty
  • Have a set of Cosmetic Spatty Tools for each makeup need
  • The Spatty is making it suitable for cosmetic application including applying lip gloss
  • Spatty is kid-friendly and durable too, great for the family

Buy Your Cosmetic Spatty Today

The Cosmetic Spatty is a must-have tool for any complete makeup kit. Not only great for quick application before work or a night on the town, but the Spatty can also be used in a variety of settings like cosmetic retail counters, cosmetology schools, on vacation, or for YouTube influencer film sets. Save yourself hundreds of dollars each year with the exciting Cosmetic Spatty!

Contact us to learn more about the Spatty line of products or order your Cosmetic Spatty today!