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How To Apply Diaper Cream With A Spatula

on October 21, 2022
Many of your babies' little bums get itchy and puffy at times.

Babies have super soft and delicate skin, due to which diaper rash has always been a concern for all the moms out there. And, to prevent your little one from situations like these, the blog helps you with tips on how to apply diaper rash cream.

How to Apply Diaper Rash Cream?

1. Place the baby in a secure place
While placing the baby on a changing table to change the diaper, make sure to strap your baby securely. Try to change the diapers on a crib, bed, or floor on a play mat.

2. Remove the dirty diaper
Keep the dirty diaper far away from your little one’s reach after removing it from the butt. Discard the soiled diaper immediately to avoid the spread of the germs.

3. Clean baby’s bums
Clean the baby’s bums with wet wipes. You can also use an old cloth as a backup option. It works better as a fabric material and is a good absorbent than a wipe.

4. Apply diaper rash cream
Take a few drops of diaper cream on your fingertips and apply it to your baby's bottom. Use the best diaper rash cream for your little one that does not cause any side effects.

5. Put on the clean diaper
Put on the clean diaper on your baby's bum. Ensure the diaper is aligned in the center of the butt.

How to Choose the Best Diaper Rash Cream?

When choosing the diaper rash cream for your babies, you need to consider some of the features mentioned below:

  1. Organic -  The diaper rash cream that you choose for your baby should be made with natural ingredients.
  2. Effective - The cream should be effective in healing the diaper rash quickly.
  3. Affordable - Do not opt to buy those creams that are out of your budget. Try to buy affordable ones.  

Should you apply diaper cream after every diaper change?

Using diaper cream after every diaper change is just a matter of preference. Some mothers frequently use diaper creams to prevent their babies from diaper rash. At the same time, others use it when their baby shows any sign of irritation.

How to apply diaper rash cream with the Spatty - Baby Spatula?

Sometimes, it becomes quite messy to apply diaper cream with your hands on the baby's butt and unpleasant when the leftovers of the cream adhere to the inside of the bottles or containers. Do not bother much.

You can use baby butt spatula from Spatty. It has a flexible handle with a smooth tip to use on your baby's delicate skin easily. You can take out the cream from the bottle with the help of Baby Spatula and can use it on the diapers or directly on the baby's butt. And can also use it to scrape off the leftovers. It is the best way to apply diaper cream.


Hope that the tips mentioned above and the best way to apply diaper cream do the trick for you and your little one.