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How to Easily Clean the Rim of a Paint Can

on March 05, 2020

Plan on painting your home's exterior or updating your kid's bedroom? Getting ready for one of your many handyman projects? No matter how careful you are, one thing remains true:

At the end of the day the paint can will be a mess!

Pouring, mixing, and wiping leaves paint dripping and spilling everywhere. Even the most cautious homeowner can’t avoid paint messes! Paint often gathers at the very edges of the paint can. Simply brushing the paint on the edge will leave spilled paint. The stir stick also leaves paint behind. And if you have messy pint-sized helpers, guaranteed cleaning up will be a stressful mess.

The Problem with Paint

Even if you remove excess paint with a paper towel or rag, the paint cakes in the small crevices and can prevent you from adequately sealing the can for storage. Lurking paint will prevent a secure seal from protecting the leftover paint. When the paint has not been removed from the seal properly, the paint flecks can pollute the remaining stored paint.

Keeping your paint cans clean will maximize your investment and save you money. You will be able to safely store leftover paint for your next big project and avoid purchasing extra, unnecessary cans. But how in the world can you keep your paint cans clean, especially the tricky rim?

Clean-Up is as Easy as 1-2-3

Thankfully, you can quickly clean the rim with the Spatty Handyman Helper Pro Spatula. The Spatty quickly scrapes away unwanted paint from any paint can. Use the Spatty to remove paint from hard-to-reach places. Besides using the Spatty for painting, you can also use the Spatty for many incredible uses:

  • Cleaning the paint can rim
  • Scraping every drop from paint cans
  • Reach all the glue or liquids on any number of products
  • Use for mixing paint and spreading
  • Great for crafts and mechanical projects, too
  • Get every drop of automotive products
  • Remove unwanted grout and caulk
  • A useful tool for small detail work
  • Reach difficult places in your home or car

Save on paint costs and clean up when you use the Spatty Handyman Helper Pro. This essential tool belongs in every toolbox. Whether you want to paint your gazebo or need to clean your paint can, you will be happy that you have the Handyman Helper Pro from Spatty. Reduce the hassle of cleaning up a paint mess. Enjoy an easy, quick clean-up.

Contact us to learn more about Spatty products or order your Handyman Helper Pro today!

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