How to Extract More Concealer from the Tube

How to Extract More Concealer from the Tube?

on February 20, 2024

Ever reach for your concealer, ready to conquer the day, only to find a frustratingly empty tube staring back at you? You tap, you squeeze, but that last bit of precious product remains stubbornly out of reach.

This isn't just an annoyance; it's also a money-waster that plagues countless makeup lovers. But from today, no more frustrations! This blog is your solution to the question, "How to Extract More Concealer from the Tube?".

We're here to share a simple yet game-changing hack that will help you extract every last drop of your concealer, saving you money and maximizing your product usage.

Why Every Drop Counts?

Picture this: You toss your empty concealer tube, feeling a pang of guilt. But wait, isn't some product still clinging desperately to the sides? Up to 25% of your precious makeup can get trapped inside, destined for the trash.

Let's do some math!

If your concealer costs $40, that's $10 worth of product you're throwing away with each empty tube. Over a year, this translates to a whopping $120 wasted on just one product.

Now, imagine this happening with all your makeup essentials. The numbers can be truly staggering, right?

But it's not just about the money. In today's world, sustainability matters. Every drop of product we waste contributes to a larger environmental footprint.

By utilizing all our cosmetics, we may consciously adopt a more responsible and environmentally friendly beauty regimen.

Concealers: The Tiny Tubes Hiding a Big Problem

Concealers, those little lifesavers in our makeup bags, often turn into frustrating foes when it comes to product waste. Their miniature size and thick formulas create the perfect storm for unused products trapped inside the container.

The narrow openings and thick consistency make it nearly impossible to reach every last bit, leaving us feeling cheated and tempted to resort to desperate measures just to squeeze out the remaining product.

Spatty: The Ultimate Hack To Use Concealer Till the Last Drop

There's a simple yet revolutionary solution to the concealer conundrum: Spatty, the Last Drop™ Beauty Spatula! This ingenious tool is your weapon against wasted products and your passport to maximize concealer usage.

Here's how Spatty works its magic

  1. Reach the Unreachable: The flexible tip of the Spatty easily navigates the narrow corners and curves of your concealer tube, scooping out every last bit of product that would otherwise remain hidden.
  2. Effortless Extraction: Say goodbye to desperate squeezing and tapping. The Spatty's smooth design lets you gently extract the product without damaging the container or wasting precious makeup.
  3. Clean and Hygienic: Unlike your fingers, the Spatty keeps your makeup routine hygienic and prevents product contamination.

Spatty isn't just a one-trick pony! Its versatile design makes it perfect for reaching into various beauty containers, from lipstick tubes to lotion bottles, saving you money and product across your entire makeup arsenal.

Here are some additional features of Spatty that make it a must-have!

  • Multipurpose Marvel: It works wonders with various beauty products, from foundations and creams to lotions and lip glosses, maximizing product usage across your entire makeup arsenal.
  • Durable and Safe: Made from high-quality, FDA-approved materials, the Spatty is built to last and be gentle on your skin.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Convenience: Cleaning your Spatty is a breeze; toss it in the dishwasher for a hygienic and effortless clean.

Invest in a Spatty Today!

Imagine the satisfaction of using every last drop of your favorite concealer. No more frustration, no more guilt, just the joy of getting the most out of your investment.

Ready to experience the Spatty difference? Visit our Beauty Spatula page and scroll to explore our product range.