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How to Get Every Drop of Product Out of the Bottle!

on June 25, 2021

What do you do when you can no longer get product out of the bottle? Do you throw it away?

Consumer Reports study shows you throw away up to 25% of product when it is no longer easy to get out! That is ¼ of your products and 100’s of dollars a year you are throw in the trash! 

Do you add water to the bottle? This will dilute the product. It can also change the consistency or taste of the product, depending on what product you are adding it to. 

Do you break the bottle? This can be dangerous if it is a glass bottle. You can cut yourself on the broken glass. This is also really messy! I do not recommend breaking glass bottles to get the product out!

Do you cut open plastic bottles? This is a good option and good to do with products with tiny openings, but how do you get the product out once you cut the bottle open? Do you use your finger? This will get product under your fingernails and get germs into your product! You also don’t want to leave the product sitting open because it will get dried out. You need a separate container with a lid to transfer the product into.

The Answer to getting every drop of product out of the bottle:

Spatty is the perfect size tool to go into practically any container on the market and retrieve every last drop of product! Thanks to Spatty you can now get the 25% of product you were throwing away and keeping the hundreds of dollars in your pocket that you were throwing in the trash!

You do not have to use water or break the bottle to get the product out. By using a Spatty you keep your fingers out of your product, thus keeping your fingers and nails clean and germs out of your product! You can use the Spatty to transfer product from a bottle (that you cut open)  into a container with a lid, so your product does not dry up!

Spatty is the perfect tool to get every drop of product out of the bottle and save you money! Buy yours today!