How To Use Every Last Drop of Your Cosmetic Products

How To Use Every Last Drop of Your Cosmetic Products

on April 28, 2020
You value your skin and buy the best beauty products. How can you get every last drop™ of liquid foundation and mascara? What can you use to get every little drop of foundation out of the bottle? You don’t need to be a makeup artist to discover our perfect trick to saving every last drop of your makeup.

Why You Need the Cosmetic Spatty

While there are many whacky ideas to get makeup out of a bottle, only the Spatty Cosmetic Spatula can get every single drop. With a sleek design, you can use the Cosmetic Spatty to reach the bottom of any bottle or container. Whether you are a makeup artist or a mom, getting ready for work, or just want a hot night on the town, never worry about wasting makeup again! The Cosmetic Spatty is the must-have beauty product for your makeup kit. And it’s very affordable, too! This incredible beauty tool fits into nearly any container:
  • Foundation
  • Mascara
  • Lip Gloss
  • Nail Polish
  • Lotion
  • Concealer
  • Creams
  • Sunscreen
  • And more!
Use the Cosmetic Spatty to scoop out that last bit of lotion, mascara, or lip gloss. Never throw away expensive foundation again. Save a trip to the store by getting every last bit of makeup out of the bottle. Never waste money again. Stretch out your makeup for months by using the Spatty!

A Handy Beauty Tool, Too!

A Spatty cometic spatula laying next to an Estee Lauder bottleBesides saving hundreds of dollars every year by avoiding waste, use your Cosmetic Spatty as a helpful makeup tool! The Spatty is making it safe to apply makeup to your beautiful skin. Use the Spatty to mix colors and apply makeup. The easy-to-use six-inch Cosmetic Spatty has multiple uses. Each makeup kit should have a few Spatty Cosmetic Tools handy for scooping up the last bit of makeup and for cosmetics application. Use the Cosmetic Spatty for any occasion. Whether you need to look professional for work, are desperate to get that last bit of foundation out of the bottle, or are a makeup artist on the go, you need the Cosmetic Spatty in your kit today. The Cosmetic Spatty is available in an affordable single pack or double pack. Each six-inch Spatty has been and is safe for use with makeup. Never worry about wasting makeup again. Get your Cosmetic Spatty today. You can also check out our full line of Spatty products for a variety of uses or purchase as a bundle.