Save Money on Makeup This Holiday Season with One Simple Beauty Tool

Save Money on Makeup This Holiday Season with One Simple Beauty Tool

on December 07, 2021

Between your family, your significant other's family, your friends, and the company you work for, you've probably been invited to a handful of Christmas parties this season. This means you'll be taking lots of Christmas photos and frequently dressing up for the occasion.

Imagine This

You've got the perfect dress for a Christmas party laid out, and you've just finished styling your hair. You grab a bottle of your favorite makeup foundation, but no product will come out. It's all stuck to the sides of the container.

You might be tempted to throw that concealer away. What a waste of money, right? 

Spatty to the Rescue

That's why you need The Spatty Beauty Spatula, which is an essential makeup tool for getting ready for holiday parties this season. The Spatty looks like a miniature rubber spatula and has a long handle so you can reach the bottom of your favorite beauty containers. It fits into virtually any beauty product on the market, such as

  • foundation
  • lip gloss
  • lotion
  • and so much more

The Spatty will help you reach up to 25% more of your beauty product. This means that out of a $50 bottle of foundation, you've probably been throwing away over $12 of its product. Now multiply that cost with all of the lip glosses, concealers, skincare products, and more that you've thrown away over the years. The Spatty ensures you're getting the most out of all of your products so you can save hundreds of dollars.

getting makeup from bottom of bottle

A Great Investment

This beauty spatula is made of sturdy, resilient, and flexible material that will last you for the years to come, but with prices starting at $5.49, you'll make up your investment in The Spatty within a week.

Don't go to a single holiday party without adding The Spatty to your beauty kit. Order yours online today or contact us for more information.