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Simple Methods to Reduce Cosmetics Spending

on January 23, 2023

Most of the time, you may have tossed your unused makeup or cosmetic goods and felt like throwing away hard-earned money.

But what can you do to preserve those costly leftovers stuck within the container?

TBH, You can do a lot! This blog will be going to save money for you. Read till the end.

3 Ways To Save Cosmetics Products And Lessen Cosmetic Spending

The biggest reason for increasing cosmetic expenditure is the wastage of makeup or beauty products. Here we are sharing some ways which will help you to save the products and help reduce your cosmetic spending:

Use A Spatty Beauty Spatula For Taking Out Leftover Products

No one around the world intentionally throws away cosmetic items that have not been fully used. Yet, products that stick within the container are difficult to remove. The narrow opening and shape of the containers make it difficult to reach the products.

Spatty beauty spatula is a revolutionary makeup tool that really works. It gets inside any container and scrapes the leftover products with its silicone tip. This spatula-shaped tool will save you tons of dollars in the long run and reduce cosmetic spending.

Check Expiry Date Before Buying Any Product

Every cosmetic product has its life span, and it is always ideal to use them before they expire. Generally, mascara has an expiration period of 3-6 months, foundations, powders, and creams may last between 12 -18 months, and lipsticks or lip glasses may last up to 2 years.

Knowing when something expires allows you to buy only those products you can use during its active period and avoids throwing away rarely used products afterward.

Be A Smart Buyer

When purchasing cosmetics, you need many products to satisfy different purposes. To keep your skin nourished, you need moisturizer. To defend your skin from sun damage, you need sunscreen, and for the complexion, you will need foundation.

But instead of buying these products separately, you may opt for a tinted sunscreen that acts as a foundation, sun protector, and daily moisturizer. Simply cutting three items down to one and saving a lot on cosmetic products.

Save Every Drop Till Last With Spatty Cosmetic Spatula

These three ways mentioned above will be effective in reducing cosmetic spending. A cosmetic spatula is a must-have tool that ensures you never miss on the leftover products and fully utilize them.

There are many Spatty makeup spatula uses, including scraping, mixing, spreading, and direct applications.

The Spatty spatulas are made to reach into every container and extract every last ounce. The tips are flexible and readily glide over the containers' curves and edges. Visit Spatty's official website and place your order!