Step-by-Step Guide to Use Spatty Travel-Friendly Cases

Step-by-Step Guide to Use Spatty Travel-Friendly Cases

on January 08, 2024

In the whirlwind of our daily lives, where convenience is king, Spatty has become a beloved companion for many.

It's fascinating to see how this nifty tool has woven its way into various aspects of our lives, from beauty spatulas to kitchen adventures, crafting sessions, and even baby care.

It's like a little magic wand, making every bit count – be it your favorite lipstick, that hard-to-reach jar of jam, or ensuring every bit of baby food is used.

But here's the thing: as much as we adore our Spattys, taking them along on our travels or to workplaces can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle. How do we keep them handy without them getting lost in the abyss of our bags?

Spatty Caddy Cases - Carrying and Caring in Sync 

Understanding the need for a seamless and hassle-free way to carry your Spatty, we've put our heads together and come up with the perfect solution: the Spatty Caddy Cases.

We offer two sizes to cater to your specific needs: a smaller case designed for the 6-inch Spatty, perfect for those delicate beauty and crafting tasks, and a larger one for the 12-inch Spatty, ideal for kitchen enthusiasts and larger containers.

Each case is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring your Spatty fits snugly and stays protected, no matter where your adventures take you.

Learn more about these cases!

How to Use the Spatty Caddy Cases?

However, some of our customers have expressed difficulty in figuring out how to open and close these cases. But let us be clear: it's too simple to use. Let us guide you with step by step procedure:

Holding the Case

  • Hold the Spatty Caddy case firmly in one hand. Make sure you have a good grip.

Opening the Case

  • Gently twist the lid counter-clockwise (to the left). This action should be done with a gentle but firm twist.
  • As you twist, the lid will become loose and disengage from the grooves that hold it in place.
  • Once the lid is out of the grooves, lift it off the case.

Inserting the Spatty

  • Place your Spatty inside the case. If you have more than one Spatty, arrange them neatly to fit without forcing them in.

Closing the Case

  • After placing the Spatty inside, put the lid back on top of the case.
  • Twist the lid clockwise (to the right) until it aligns back with the grooves and feels securely locked.

4 Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Your Spattys & Caddys

Taking care of your Spatty and its Caddy Case is not just about prolonging their lifespan; it's about ensuring they're always ready for your next task in the cleanest and most hygienic condition possible. 

Here are some tips to keep both your Spatty and its Caddy Case in pristine condition:

1. Clean Before Storing

It's always a good idea to clean your Spatty before tucking it away in its case. This simple habit prevents the inside of the Caddy from getting dirty and ensures that your Spatty is always fresh and ready for its next use.

After each usage, a brief wash with soap and water may make a great difference.

2. Separate Caddies for Different Uses

To keep the highest hygiene standards and prevent cross-contamination, consider using separate Caddy Cases for different types of Spattys.

For instance, keep your crafting Spatty in one case and your makeup spatula in another. This not only helps in keeping them clean but also organized.

Imagine the ease of reaching for your makeup Spatty and knowing it's free from any craft residue or vice versa.

3. Regular Cleaning of the Caddy Case

Don't forget about the case itself! A regular wipe-down of your Spatty Caddy Case will keep it looking new and prevent any buildup of residue. The durable material of the case makes it easy to clean, ensuring that maintenance is as effortless as its usage.

4. Dry Thoroughly

After cleaning your Spatty and the Caddy Case, make sure they are completely dry before storing them away. This prevents any moisture buildup, which is essential for maintaining hygiene and the integrity of the products.

Additional Tips on Using The Spatty Caddy

  • Gentle Force: Always use a gentle but firm force when twisting the lid. This prevents any damage to the case or lid.

  • Alignment Check: Make sure the lid is properly aligned with the grooves for a secure closure.

  • Avoid Overstuffing: Do not overcrowd the case with too many spattys, as this might make it difficult to close and lock the lid properly.

Let’s Close Your Case!

Now that you're equipped with the know-how to use your Spatty Caddy and understand the importance of having one, it's time to take the next step.

Get yourself a Spatty Caddy and embrace the convenience it brings to your daily routine. Whether you're at home, traveling, or on the go, your Spatty will always be there, snug in its case, ready for your next task.

Say goodbye to the days of misplaced Spattys and hello to a more efficient, organized way of living. Your Spatty, your rules – let's make every minute and every bit of product count.

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by Charlene Frangioso on April 25, 2024

I received a large and small spatty caddy. I can’t open the large one. This isn’t useful if I have to struggle with it every time in order to try to use it. It’s extremely disappointing. Would not recommend.