Stop Wasting Your Makeup

Stop Wasting Your Makeup

on January 21, 2020

Do you find yourself trying to preserve that last little bit of pricey, discontinued makeup or beauty product? Maybe you have tried cotton swabs or Q-tips, but they absorb the product and create more waste. And, most bottle openings are so small that you can't get your finger inside. It can be frustrating and expensive.

Solving a Common Problem

Now, you can stop wasting money and makeup with Spatty, the perfect multipurpose tool for using all of your cosmetic products. With the Spatty cosmetic spatula set, both the 6- and 12-inch Spatty can help you extend the use of your favorite beauty product without wasting a drop.

Every Girl's Best Friend

Spatty is dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and will fit perfectly into your makeup bag for easy traveling? Spatty is designed to save you money and time. So if you are a busy mom, always on the go, or like to travel, the Spatty is the perfect complement to your cosmetic accessories.

Stay Informed about Spatty

Now, you can stop wasting money and makeup with Spatty, a multipurpose tool for using all of your cosmetic products. And, if you love your lipstick and lip gloss, then you will be excited about our next BIG announcement. Sign up for our email list to stay informed about our current product line as well as our future product offerings.

Contact us if you have any questions or search through our products to see which Spatty is right for you!

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