The Best Kitchen Gadget for the Cook in Your Home

The Best Kitchen Gadget for the Cook in Your Home

on July 14, 2020

Is it time to upgrade your kitchen tools? Are you cooking more nowadays? Are you tired of wasting food in your kitchen? Then what every house cook needs is the Spatty Kitchen Spatula. Save money and time with this adorable little spatula. Don’t ever fight with the peanut butter jar again. The Spatty is such a genius tool you will wonder how you ever lived without it! 

Save Money with the Kitchen Spatty!

Have you ever been frustrated trying to get that last bit of peanut butter out of the jar or batter out of the bowl? Did you ever wish for a handy kitchen tool to end the frustration? Then look no further than the cute affordable Kitchen Spatty! The Spatty’s unique design allows you to reach every last drop from any container or bowl. Versatile, you can use it as a valuable cooking tool, too.

Use the Kitchen Spatty for:

  • Reaching every bit of sticky peanut butter from the jar
  • Scraping all the batter when you bake
  • Getting every drop of sauce or dressing out of the bottle
  • Quickly transferring muffin batter to the pan
  • Scooping up the last of the salsa or tomato sauce
  • Scraping every bit of chocolate pudding out of a bowl
  • Decorating a beautiful birthday cake
  • Spreading yummy icing
  • Reaching every bit of product from a can
  • Never wasting food again! 

Every year Americans throw away hundreds of dollars in wasted food. That little dollop of pudding or wasted peanut butter adds up over time. And in days like this, every dollar counts! Save money and hassle when you buy Spatty, what every house cook needs.

An Affordable and Fun Kitchen Tool for Every Family

Besides saving you money, the Spatty is affordable and easy-to-use. Children and grandparents alike will love using the Spatty. You can use the Spatty for mixing, spreading, and decorating when you cook. Flexible and resilient.

Keep money in your pocket with the Spatty! The Kitchen Spatty comes in two handy sizes: six inches and twelve inches. Each is perfect for reaching those last bits of product at the bottom of the jar. Buy a Spatty for you and your friends today! 

Buy yours today.