The One Tool Every Handyman Needs!

The One Tool Every Handyman Needs!

on August 13, 2020

Ready to save hundreds of dollars? The DIY handyman has a vast universe of exciting tools available. From a powerful cordless drill to a caulk gun, what tools should a handyman have? Are you tired of wasting paint? Need a tool that is portable, durable, and easy-to-use for mixing, spreading, and caulking? Every toolkit must have the Handyman Spatula. Save money and time!

Save Money and Time with the Spatty

Affordable and multifunctional, the Handyman Spatty gives you an all-in-one tool for your toolbox, car, or office. This small spatula has an impressive array of practical uses for the DIY guru. What can the Spatty do?

  • Get the last bit of product from any container
  • Spread caulk quickly
  • Need to reach small screws on your car or boat? Use the Spatty!
  • Apply oil and paint easily
  • Resilient and flexible
  • Quick hands-free mixing
  • Smooth out glue and paint
  • Apply products hands-free
  • Spreading caulk and other products
  • Remove excess grout
  • And so much more!

Never waste money again. Americans throw away thousands of dollars of perfectly good products each year. With the Handyman Spatty, you can quickly reach paint, glue, and more. Wonder what tools should a handyman have? The small portable spatula offers an affordable multipurpose tool perfect every DIY project.

Great for the Home Mechanic or Boat Owner

The Handyman Spatty not only helps you with DIY projects in your home, use the Spatty for your vehicle or motorboat. Reach oil and other liquids stuck at the bottom. Use the Spatty for easy mixing and spreading. Need to do a paint-touch up or reach a tiny corner of your vehicle or boat? Use the twelve-inch spatula to get to those impossible places. Don’t want to dirty your hands? This small spatula provides you a safe way to apply and remove many toxic products.

Safe Hands-Free Application

Another key benefit of owning a set of Spatty? Work hands-free on many projects safely. Use the Spatty as an extension of yourself. The light, flexible spatula is simple to use for everyone, from beginning mechanics to seasoned pros. Avoid dirt, grime, and germs when you use the Handyman Spatty. Work safely every time.

Buy Your Handyman Spatty Today!

Why wait? The affordable Handyman Spatty comes in two sizes: 6 inch and 12 inch. Keep a set in your home, office, and vehicle for easy use. When you are in a tight spot, reach for the Spatty!