Makeup Tool For Valentine's Day - Spatty

Use This Makeup Tool to Be Ready For Valentine's Day

on February 02, 2022

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Whether you're going on a first date with someone new, dinner with your significant other, or spending a night out with your "galentines," you'll want to be prepared with all the best beauty tools.

One tool you won't want to go without this Valentine's Day is the Spatty Beauty Spatula. This long, flexible rubber spatula will ensure you get every last drop of product out of your foundation, lip gloss, lotion, and other beauty product containers.

Imagine being almost done preparing for your Valentine's Day date and then realizing you can't get any more concealer out of its container. So you hit it against your hand again and again, but nothing comes out. 

Instead of going on your date with an incomplete look, you grab your Spatty Beauty Spatula. With its long handle and compact rubber end, you can move the Spatty along the sides, corners, and bottom of your beauty products. As a result, you'll stop wasting time in beauty stores and instead use every bit of the product you already have at home.

Not only does the Spatty Beauty Spatula save you time — it saves you money as well. After dropping cash on a nice gift for your special someone, the last thing you want to do is run to the store to grab a new $50 bottle of foundation and spend even more money. Instead, you can keep using that same bottle of foundation, which has about 25% of the product still in the container, just stuck to the sides of the bottle and out of your reach.

You could be throwing away more than $12 with each container. This is more than the cost of one Spatty Beauty Spatula, which has prices starting at $5.49. And since it's made out of durable materials, you'll keep saving money for the years to come.

Get your Spatty Beauty Spatula and you'll start saving time and money right away. Contact us for more information.