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Save Your Money and Your Product This Year

on January 11, 2022

When you buy products that come in bottles and jars, it's nearly impossible to get every last drop.

Think of a ketchup bottle. How many times have you picked up a half-full bottle of ketchup, but when you turn it over and squeeze, nothing comes out? You can bang it against the table all you want, but that ketchup is stuck in there.

It's not just ketchup, though. It's your makeup products. It's your bottles of paint. It's your condiments, lotions, pastes, and more. Every time you throw away these containers with leftover products stuck inside, you're throwing away money.

That's why we created The Spatty. Never before has there been a tool long enough to reach every corner of all types of containers, yet small enough to fit through even a tube of lip gloss. Like a rubber spatula, it has a flexible silicone head so you can glide along the corners of any container. You'll never throw away perfectly good products again.

No matter what your lifestyle, there's a perfect Spatty for you.

  • Beauty: Maybe you need a 12" Beauty Spatty to get to the bottom of large bottles of foundation. You should also check out the 6" Spatty Lip, which is perfect for getting every last drop of lip gloss.
  •  Kitchen: The Kitchen Spatty will help you make the most out of every condiment jar. Whether you like peanut butter or jelly, ketchup or mustard, you'll be able to scoop out every bit of your groceries. When you're done, don't throw it in the dishwasher just yet — the Kitchen Spatty is also perfect for mixing and spreading your products.
  • Handyman: Your toolbox needs the Handyman Spatty. Stick it into containers of paint, glue and more, then use its flexible, durable head to spread or mix your product. Need to remove excess caulk or grout? The Handyman Spatty is up for the task.
  • Crafting: Going DIY can quickly get expensive, so you need to use every drop of your glue, paint, gel and paste. You can use the Crafting Spatty to blend paint colors too, and its small rubber end is perfect for painting an intricate design.

Does your lifestyle need more than one Spatty? Find a bundle that's perfect for you and your family.

Start saving money and get every last drop of your products when you buy a Spatty today. You can also contact us with any feedback or questions.