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Tips and Tricks To Use A Spatula

on September 14, 2022

When you hear the word 'spatula,' you immediately think of a spatula for baking used to flip and serve food straight out of the oven. The spatula, however, can be used for a variety of things.

In addition to cooking and flipping, spatulas are used for different purposes such as scrapping, spreading, and many more. But, do you know? A spatula will handle many of your kitchen tool and equipment issues. You will see how by following along, but first, let's learn about a spatula and how to use it.

What is a Spatula?

A spatula is also a flipper, turner, mixer, and spreader. It is mainly used to flip, turn, mix and spread items. A spatula comes in different shapes and sizes. It is made of wood, metal, rubber, plastic, and silicone.

Types of Spatulas

1. Spreaders
As their name implies, spreader spatulas play a crucial part. Spreaders are used to smear soft toppings and sauces on food goods. Cakes, slices of bread, bagels, and other foodstuffs are distributed evenly by the rounded end without being torn or harmed.

Additionally, it helps scoop sauces, cream, and cheese out of containers. These spatulas are made of stainless steel. They are mainly used for spreading toppings, cheese spreads, icing, and other spreading applications. However, rubber materials are also easily accessible.

2. Scrapers
Scraper spatulas have a rectangular shape and a rounded edge tip on one side. Use scraper spatulas to stir and scrape the sticky and wet materials out of the mixing bowls. These spatulas help mix the dough, scrape stuck parts out of pans, and fold hot omelets, among other things.

Rubber and silicone spatulas are frequently used as scrapers. Rubber spatulas are not as heat-resistant for use with pans. Therefore, silicone spatulas are the ideal alternative.

3. Turners
Turner spatulas have long handles and trapezoid-shaped surfaces to protect the hands. When cooking or grilling, turner spatulas turn and flip the food products. Turner spatulas can readily withstand heat and are sturdy enough to flip large culinary items.

They are made of aluminum to prevent scratching cookware and utensils. Alternatives to rubber and wood are also offered. When cooking or grilling, these spatulas work well for turning burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, fried eggs, pancakes, and other items.

How to use a Spatula with Kitchen Tools and Equipment?

1. To scrape the mixer bowl's sides
You can use a spatula to bend and slide to fit the sides of the bowl you are scraping. The ingredients occasionally push up the bowl's sides when using a mixer to make a batter. Turn off the mixer and push the ingredients to the bottom of the bowl with the help of a spatula.

2. To scrape the batter from the pan
You can use a spatula to scrape the batter from the pan or to collect as much of the dough you have prepared as possible while working with a thicker dough. Like cookie dough, you can scrape the ingredients on the bottom.

3. To spread and shape the batter
You can use a rubber spatula as a spreader to give a proper shape and size to a batter while baking. It is relatively tiny and flexible and will not work for thicker doughs like cookie dough.

4. To mix and stir mixtures
You can use a silicon spatula to mix and stir mixtures and remove food leftovers directly from the pan. They have the same flexibility as a spatula made with rubber.

5. To use to decorate the toppings on bakery items
You can use a spatula to decorate the soft toppings and to give a smooth texture to bakery items such as pastries, brownies, etc. You can use a spatula to serve slices of cake, pieces of pie, or bars.

Conclusion – Use Spatty to take out every last drop of ingredient from the food jars

You use a variety of spatulas in your kitchen for a variety of tasks. To save every drop of your food product, you can buy spatty kitchen spatulas, formed of flexible plastic that can easily reach around the corners, edges, and bottoms of any cans and bottles. These are durable, inexpensive, and excellent for mixing, spreading, or decorating, having the quality features of one of the best kitchen tools.