Top 5 Halloween Money-Saving Makeup Tricks

Top 5 Halloween Money-Saving Makeup Tricks

on October 13, 2020

Hey ghouls and fabulous witches! Are you ready to wow the neighborhood with your super spooky costume? Halloween is right around the corner. Getting the perfect Halloween makeup products can be incredibly expensive. Want to get every last drop of your Halloween makeup? Check out these incredible Halloween makeup money-saving tips.

Trick 1: Get Every Last Drop of Halloween Facepaint and Cream Makeup

Whether you plan to trick-or-treat dressed as a creepy clown or want to scare the neighbors as a monstrous zombie, save money on face paint and FX makeup with the Spatty. The portable beauty spatula fits into any container. Scoop up those last bits of product with the handy Spatty. Save over 25% of your Halloween makeup products each year!

Trick 2: Halloween Makeup On the Go

Don't you hate it when your creepy makeup starts to deteriorate in the middle of a hot Halloween party? Lengthen the lifespan of your horrific look quickly with the beauty Spatty. Small, cute, and inexpensive the Spatty goes with you anywhere. Stick a Spatty in your purse or pocket. Make your makeup last all night with quick touchups. Use the Spatty to scrape the last bits of your makeup and apply no matter where you are. Talk about convenience!

Trick 3: Get Creative! Mix Everyday Makeup for an Expensive Realistic Look!

You don't need to break the bank to get an expensive ghoulish Halloween look. Use the small Beauty Spatty to mix inexpensive makeup for incredible looks without spending a ton of cash. You can create realistic wounds, vampire looks, creepy clown faces, and out-of-this-world aliens by combining your everyday makeup for a more 3D look with the Spatty. Experiment and have fun! 

Trick 4: Super Easy Vampire Look 

Powder your face with white or light green eye shadow. Use the Spatty to trace small, slightly curvy lines of blood at the corners of your mouth. The lines should go from the corner of the mouth down at an angle away from your chin. Start with a bright red line first. Then stipple black cream along the red lines with the top of the Spatty to give it a 3D look.

Trick 5: Realistic Wounds for Zombies in a Pinch!

Don't waste money on expensive FX wound makeup kits. Create the look with a basic Halloween makeup kit or even your regular makeup. Use the Spatty to apply a pink cream (or even pink eye shadow!) in a circle on your skin. It needs to be very light, so you will only need a drop or two of cream. Then use the top edge of the Spatty to dab drops of fake blood over the pink wound. If you don't have fake blood, combine red lipstick with a little bit of black cream. 

After applying the drops of fake blood:

  1. Use the Spatty to connect the drops to make a realistic wound.
  2. Finish off with a few dabs of black cream for effect.
  3. Keep playing with the "wound" until you are happy with its look.

This might take a few tries, but you will love the terrifying results! 

This Halloween, you can save money and use every drop of your halloween makeup with the Spatty! You can also take advantage of our limited edition Halloween Bundles to make your costume complete.