Top 5 Makeup Tricks: How to Use Every Last Drop of Your Product

Top 5 Makeup Tricks: How to Use Every Last Drop of Your Product

on September 23, 2020

Getting the perfect fashion look can be expensive. You only buy the best to look beautiful and make an unforgettable first impression. Your makeup says so much about you from foundation ideal for your skin tone, gorgeous, glamorous lipstick, and limited-edition nail polish. But what happens when makeup gets old and stuck in the bottle? Do you toss it? Don't you hate wasting perfectly good makeup? Well, don't worry. We have the solution. Save hundreds of dollars each year with the top trending cool makeup tools of 2020. 

Tip 1:  Don’t Waste Foundation Ever Again!

Did you know Americans waste an incredible 25% of their makeup? That's perfectly good eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, and polish down the drain. Stop burning cash with the Spatty. Use the Small six-inch Spatty to scoop out the last of your foundation. Even better, you can apply the foundation directly with the Spatty. Always carry the Spatty with you in your purse. The cute little spatula is a lifesaver!

Tip 2: Get Every Last Bit of Cream

Don't want to waste valuable organic skin creams? But sometimes you can't reach all the product. The Spatty fits into most containers quickly and easily. Just stick the Spatty into the bottle. Scrape away all the cream. Either apply directly or transfer to a small container for later use. Make every bit of face cream stretch with the Spatty. Talk about saving serious cash.

Tip 3: The Ultimate Lip Gloss Hack

You love your shimmery Bare Minerals lip gloss.? Is it stuck at the bottom? No problem. Just insert the Spatty. Let the tiny spatula touch the bottom. Then with a slow twirling motion, pull up the product. The lip gloss will stick to the Spatty. Then apply quickly!

Tip 4: Melted Lipstick Woes

We’ve all done it – Left our favorite lipstick in the car or outside in the sun. Then when we get back...oh no! Melted goopy lipstick! Forget about being able to apply that lipstick again, right? Well, if you want to salvage your lipstick, and it hasn't all melted away, let the Spatty save the day! Stick the lipstick in the fridge. It will solidify. Use the Cosmetic Spatty to apply! 

Tip 5: Save Money on the Go with the Spatty!

Planning a dream vaca or a busy day at the office? Portable, easy-to-wash, and affordable, take your Spatty with you everywhere. No matter what type of container, trust the Spatty to reach the very bottom. Scoop our all the product with these cool makeup tools quickly and without a mess anywhere. The Cosmetic Spatty will save you hundreds of dollars each year. Get your incredible Cosmetic Spatty today!