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Top Tricks to Get Makeup Out of the Bottle!

on February 18, 2020

There will be many new makeup products coming out in 2020. How can you make your makeup investment last as long as possible? Are you tired of throwing away perfectly good lotion or foundation? Would you like to be able to get that last bit out of your lip gloss tubes? Check out these awesome tricks to get the most out of your makeup. And save money, too!

Trick #1: Get Every Drop of Makeup with the Cosmetic Spatty

young girl sitting on the floor using a Spatty cosmetic spatula to remove makeup from a bottleSpatty has a cosmetic spatula that is handy for reaching every single bit of makeup out of your foundation, tinted moisturizer, lip gloss tubes, and lotions. This product was featured on the hit TV show, Shark Tank. With a cute spatula head and long arm, you can reach the hard-to-reach liquid at the bottom of any makeup tube or bottle. Save yourself the hassle. Don't worry about buying makeup all the time. Instead, use the Cosmetic Spatty to get much more out of your products. It is an essential part of every complete makeup kit.

Trick #2: When Desperate Use the Scissors

Ready to head out for a night on the town but can’t get any under-eye concealer whatsoever from the narrow tube? Desperate to get out the last scoop of the product so you can enjoy that incredible date? Use scissors to cut the plastic tubing in half. While this might seem like a drastic measure, you might be able to get one last use of an expensive product. Use the Cosmetic Spatty to get the final scrapes of the product.

Trick #3: Rubbing Alcohol Can Save the Day

Does your eye shadow look like a crumbly mess? Add three drops of rubbing alcohol to your eye shadow. Use your index finger to smooth out the makeup. Let the eye shadow sit for an hour. Your eye shadow looks good as new!

Trick #4: Mascara Saver

Has your mascara become clumpy and unusable? Fill a glass with clean warm water. Make sure the mascara is sealed tightly shut. Drop the mascara tube into the warm water. Wait until the liquid has cooled down. The warm water will loosen up the makeup. If you still cannot use the mascara, try dropping in a few saline solution drops to loosen the makeup.

Trick #5: Save Your Nail Polish

We all hate dried nail polish. Fill a glass with clean, hot water. Screw the top of the nail polish tightly. Drop the nail polish into the hot water upside-down until the water cools. Shake the nail polish. If the nail polish remains dried out, repeat the process. Once the paint is liquid again, shake the bottle vigorously. Paint your nails with your revived polish!

You can save money when you follow these simple makeup tricks. From using the handy Cosmetic Spatty to rescuing your mascara with hot water, lengthen the life of your cosmetics. Never worry about wasting makeup again!

You can order the Spatty cosmetic spatula and start saving on your cosmetic investment today. You can also contact Spatty directly to learn more.