Want to Master Candy Cane Crafts? Here's your guide!

Want to Master Candy Cane Crafts? Here's your guide!

on November 07, 2023

Ah, the joy of Christmas crafts! The glint of glitter, the allure of ribbons, and the iconic candy cane stripes.

But let's face it, as delightful as candy cane crafts are, the process can be a tad...hectic.

But this blog will make it a breeze for you. Are you curious to know? Read till the end, then.

Purpose of DIY Candy Cane Crafts on Christmas

Why candy cane creations? They're more than just crafts; they're a journey down memory lane. They add a personal touch to decorations, making homes feel cozier and more festive.

Plus, with sustainability being the talk of the town, crafting with candy canes offers an eco-friendly touch to celebrations.

Now, while candy cane crafts promise fun, the process (you know), crushing, molding, designing – it's a meticulous task.

But here's the sweetest secret: TheSpatty's craft spatula. This tool is a game-changer, ensuring precision, reducing wastage, and making the crafting process smoother.

So, whether you're diving into DIY Christmas gifts, exploring candy cane creations, or simply adding a festive flair to your space, remember: with the right tool, the sky's the limit.

The Role of The Spatty in Candy Cane Creations

The Spatty Last Drop®️ Crafting Spatula is designed to be the ultimate crafting companion. Here's how it is helpful in candy cane crafts and other homemade Christmas gifts: 

1.    Minimizing Wastage

Crafting items, especially those as delicate as candy canes, often leads to wastage. TheSpatty ensures that every bit of your candy cane is used, whether it's for crushing into recipes or for intricate designs

2.    Versatility

The Spatty fits into virtually any bottle or container, making it perfect for extracting every last drop of glue, paint, or even crushed candy canes.

3.    Precision

Its design allows it to slide easily around any container's sides, corners, and bottom. This means you can get the perfect amount of crushed candy cane every time without the usual mess.

4.    Durability

Made of material, TheSpatty is strong, robust, and flexible, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of crafting.

5.    Money-Saving

With TheSpatty, you're not just saving time and effort; you're also saving money by ensuring no product is wasted.

3 Delightful Recipes with a Candy Cane Twist

Before diving into the world of candy cane crafts, it's essential to master the art of creating delicious candy cane-infused treats. After all, what's Christmas without some peppermint delights?

Whether you're hosting a festive gathering or simply indulging in some holiday baking, these recipes are sure to spread cheer. Here are three delectable recipes that put candy canes at the forefront:

1.    Candy Cane Peppermint Bark


White chocolate, dark chocolate, crushed candy canes, and a dash of peppermint extract.


  • Begin by melting the dark chocolate and spreading it thinly on a parchment-lined tray, allowing it to set slightly.
  • Next, melt the white chocolate and mix in a dash of peppermint extract. Pour this over the dark chocolate layer.
  • Finally, crush candy canes and sprinkle them directly over the white chocolate layer. Once set, break into delightful pieces to serve.

2.    Candy Cane Swirl Cupcakes


Your favorite cupcake mix, cream cheese frosting, and crushed candy canes.


  • Prepare the cupcakes as per the mix instructions.
  • Once they've cooled, frost them with the cream cheese frosting.
  • For a festive touch, sprinkle the finely crushed candy canes over the frosted cupcakes.

3.    Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Stirrers


Hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, candy canes, and chocolate chips.


  • Start by melting the chocolate chips.
  • Dip the larger end of the candy cane into the melted chocolate, then into mini marshmallows, allowing the marshmallows to adhere to the candy cane.
  • Let them set.
  • When ready to enjoy, prepare your hot chocolate and use the candy cane stirrer to mix, infusing your drink with a delightful peppermint twist.

5 Crafting Ideas with Candy Canes

When it's about homemade gift ideas for Christmas, the role of Candy canes isn't just for snacking or tree decorations; they're the centerpiece of many festive crafts.

Their iconic stripes and sweet aroma can transform ordinary crafts into holiday masterpieces. Here are five practical ideas to get you started:

1.    Candy Cane Heart Ornaments

Bind two candy canes together to form a heart shape. Secure them with a ribbon at the base, and you have a simple yet beautiful ornament. Use The Spatty to apply any adhesive for glitter seamlessly.

2.    Candy Cane Vase

Take a plain vase and attach full-length candy canes around its perimeter. Secure with a festive ribbon. The Spatty can assist in applying adhesive uniformly, ensuring the candy canes stick firmly.

3.    Candy Cane Sleigh

Create a mini sleigh using candy canes as the runners. Attach a chocolate bar to the seat, and you have a delightful table decoration or gift. The Spatty is perfect for ensuring the candy canes and chocolate bars bond securely.

4.    Candy Cane Place Card Holders

Form a tripod using three mini candy canes and secure them together. These can hold name cards for your festive dinner table. Use The Spatty for any adhesive application, ensuring a sturdy hold.

5.    Candy Cane Wreath

Create a larger wreath by binding multiple candy canes together in heart shapes and joining them at the base. Interspersed with holly or ribbons for added festivity. The spotty ensures a clean and precise application of any decorative elements.

8 Nifty Tips and Tricks for DIY Candy Cane Crafts

Whether creating edible treats or decorative crafts, having the right techniques up your sleeve can make all the difference. Here are eight functional tips to ensure your candy cane creations are both fun and flawless:

  1. Chill First: Freeze candy canes for 15 minutes before crushing. This makes them easier to work with.
  2. Use TheSpatty: For precision and to get every bit out, use The Spatty crafting spatula. It's especially handy for detailed work.
  3. Layering Crafts: When making layered crafts, always start with the heaviest items at the bottom to ensure stability.
  4. Sealant Spray: For making candy cane ornaments or decorations, consider using a clear sealant spray to preserve them longer.
  5. Heat Helps: For crafts requiring melted candy canes, use a low-heat setting in the oven to prevent burning.
  6. Stay Clean: Crafting can get messy. Keep a damp cloth nearby to clean up spills or sticky residues quickly.
  7. Kid Safety: If kids are involved, ensure they're supervised, especially when working with hot materials or sharp objects.
  8. Storage: Store completed crafts in a cool, dry place to maintain their appearance and prevent stickiness.

Add On Tip: For Pro Crafters - It’s Cocktail Magic!

As the festive season approaches, there's nothing like adding a touch of candy cane charm to elevate your beverages. Imagine sipping a drink with a perfectly peppermint-rimmed glass, giving each sip a hint of Christmas.

And for those who enjoy a bit of flair, why not use a slightly melted candy cane as a festive stirrer? Dip it in a thin layer of chocolate or caramel for an extra flavor coating.

These simple yet delightful touches can transform regular drinks into festive delights, making holiday celebrations all the more special.

The Spatty - Closing on a Sugary Note!

The Spatty crafting spatula is more than just a tool; it's a ticket to a world of festive possibilities.

So this Christmas, for your every craft, not just limited to candy cane creations, let your imagination run wild and dive deep into the artistry this festive deserves.

Get your hands on The Spatty today.