Welcome to Spatty's New Website - Spatty

Welcome to Spatty's New Website!

on January 21, 2020

Welcome to our new website! We've made it easier for you to connect with us and to easily order the Spatty that is right for you.

What is Spatty?

How many times have you struggled to get the full use out of a cosmetic product or other containers? When they are new, most containers work fine at pouring out their contents. However, over time, when the product begins to run low it can become difficult to access.

When this happens, it is a chore to get the remainder of a product. Many people try using things like cotton swabs or toothpicks which tends to create a mess and you still can't quite reach the last bit of product out of the container. This is where Spatty excels.

Spatty is a specially-designed multipurpose tool that fits inside most containers. It is designed to help you reach the last drop of the product from a variety of product containers. It easily moves around the sides and bottom of a container to ensure that nothing is left behind.

Where Can You Use Spatty?

four images showing categories for using Spatty for cosmetics, in the kitchen, for crafting, and as a handyman

Do you have cosmetic products, such as lip gloss or lotion? Instead of tossing the container away when the last bit of product becomes inaccessible, use your Spatty cosmetics spatula to reach up to 25% more of your investment.

How about food containers? Now you can stop wasting the left-over ketchup and mustard. The Spatty kitchen spatula will help you reach more of your product, saving you money and extra trips to the grocery store.

Do you enjoy crafting? Chances are you have used some crafting glue or other crafting product that you had to throw away even though it had unreachable product still remaining in the container. The Spatty crafting spatula will help you reach all of your product and make the most of your crafting investments.

There's also a Spatty for the do-it-yourself crowd. Many people like to do their own home and auto maintenance. The Spatty handyman spatula is a perfect complement to any toolbox or garage. It fits in tough areas that may need oil or grease and can even help clean the inside lip of a paint can before resealing the lid.

These are just a few suggestions for using Spatty but there are hundreds of applications for having one in your kitchen, bathroom, hobby table, or garage.

Where Can You Get a Spatty?

The easiest place to get them is right here on our new website. You will find a range of Spatty products divided between cosmetics, kitchen, crafting, and handyman applications. Pick the Spatty you need for the kind of containers you have. To make things even easier, bundle packs are available for order as well.

Stop wasting time trying to get out those last drops. Stop making a mess trying to reach that last bit of product. And, stop throwing away money every time you throw away containers that still have a usable product inside.

Saving money is now within reach. Order your Spatty today!