Why Spatula is Considered One of the Important Tools

Why Spatula is Considered One of the Important Tools

on April 14, 2022

Are you looking for new utensils and equipment for your kitchen to lessen food wastage? Have you thought of buying a spatula for your kitchen? If yes, then you can go for it because one spatula can solve many of your kitchen utensil problems.

Here you can see how, but before that, let's understand what a spatula is and its usage.

What is a Spatula?

A spatula is also referred to as a turner, flipper or spreader, and a palette knife. But, unlike the other types of knives, it is mostly used to turn or flip, mix, spread, decorate, and scrap items, and that's why these are not designed with sharp blade or edge.

These can be of different types, shapes, and sizes according to the usage of a spatula. Spatulas are made of different materials such as metal, wood, plastic, and silicon.

What is Spatula Used for?

A spatula is mostly used as a kitchen tool for flipping, scrapping, and spreading food items.

Let's find out how to use a spatula for cooking according to their types:

1. Scrappers

These are used to scrape food from pans and bowls as their blades are designed, curved on one side and straight on the other side. You can use scrappers for cooking also, as most of them are made of heat-resisting materials like silicon. You can use the spoon-shaped scrappers to serve or transfer food from one location to the other.

2. Spreaders

A spreader can be of any shape and size and is often used in baking, i.e., frosting cakes. Generally, its tip is round, with straight blades. The type of a spreader can vary according to the need of a particular chef. These spatulas have a flat flexible part with long handles.

3. Turners

Most of the time, people think that spatulas are only for commercial use. But you can use it in your kitchen as well. According to its name, it is used to turn or flip things, like you can use it to turn pancakes with ease.

They can be used in high-heat also. There are many varieties of turners; for example, some have long handles while some have comparatively small handles, some have slotted surfaces, and others have flat surfaces. The slots are made to drain the oil or food juices, making it easy for you to cook things.

Beyond the Kitchen Usage of Spatula

Apart from the kitchen, you can use a spatula in a scientific laboratory. These spatulas, known as micro spatulas, are used to take measurements and samples or process the tiny amount of chemical powder, an active ingredient, or substances.

Micro spatulas are made of stainless steel, manufactured without edges or undercuts.


There are multiple types of spatulas you can use in your kitchen for different purposes. You can buy Spatty Kitchen Spatulas made of a flexible material that can easily get around the corner, sides, and the bottoms of any cans and bottles to save each drop of your food item. These are long-lasting, pocket-friendly, and are great for mixing, decorating, or spreading.

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