What Would U ask? Podcast Spatty Interview

What Would U Ask Podcast Interview

on October 13, 2020

The What Would U Ask? Podcast interviewed 25 different Shark Tank Entrepreneurs! I am SO thankful and grateful to be part of this podcast series with so many great Shark Tank entrepreneurs!   

I am also very excited that Spatty is the 1st interview in the Shark Tank series!

As stated on The What Would U Ask? Podcast, click here: https://whatwoulduask.com/shark-tank to hear the creators of some of your favorite Shark Tank products tell their success stories! Learn how these innovative entrepreneurs made their dreams a reality! 

Here is the direct link to Spatty's interview: https://whatwoulduask.com/s2-ep1-cheryl-rigdon

Shark Tank Entrepreneurs Interviewed are:

1. Cheryl Rigdon---Spatty

2. Lee & Trip Phillips---Le Glue

3. Kelsey Moreira---Doughp

4. Omar Soliman---College Hunks Hauling Junk

5. Tiffany Krummins---Ava The Elephant

6. Scott Jordan---ScotteVest

7. Phil Black---Fit Deck/PrepWell Academy

8. Lori Cheek---Cheekd

9. Neal Hoffman---Mensch on a Bench

10. Stephan Aarstol---Tower Paddle Boards

11. Dave Alwan---Echo Valley Meats

12. Lindsey Laurain---EZPZ Happy Mats

13. Shannon Regan---Goverre

14. Heather Saffer---Dollop Gourmet

15. Curt Campbell---Curts Spice Co. & Oilerie

16. Kiersten Hathcock---Mod Mom Furniture

17. Jonathan Boos---Wurk in Stiffs

18. Shelly Ehler---Show NO

19. David Stankunas---Beard Head

20. Emma Cohen---Final Straw

21. Been Fossey---Caddyswag

22. Beverly & Charlotte---Ice Chips

23. Pat Yates---Happy Feet

24. Donald Lee & Matthew Griffin---Combat Flip Flops

25. Scott Olson---Skyride Technology