8 Ways to Use Everything Until the Last Drop

8 Ways to Use Everything Until the Last Drop

on June 16, 2022

Be it food or expensive beauty product, throwing away some of its leftovers is heartbreaking.

If you, too, are looking for ways to use every last drop of your product and not waste a dime, then you are on the right blog.

Here we will tell you 10 ways to get every drop of your product that will help you save huge money and cut down on wasteful expenditures.

Tips to Get Out Everything Till the Last Drop

Looking for leftovers but not being able to reach them is always frustrating. But you can use some methods and tools to get the most out of your precious leftover product. Look at the ways:

  • Use The Spatty

We are mentioning the Spatty first because it is a revolutionary tool that will save you a lot of bucks and effort and is the best tool to get.

Spatty is a spatula that comes in two sizes, 6 inches called "The Spatty" and 12 inches called "The Spatty Daddy", that will help you easily get inside every container's surface and scrape down to the last drop of your product.

  • Use the Tube Squeezer 

Most of the product is filled in a tube container that clings to the inner surfaces.

Squeezing the leftover product with the hands or other makeshift tools always becomes hard. It is always ideal to use the squeezer that will help you extract more than 50% of your leftover product.

  • Cut the Bottle/Tube Containers in Half

It is the most performed and preferred technique for most people when they are unable to access the product at the bottom or near the cap.

Cutting containers in half may be one of the easiest ways to access all of the product at once, but saving the product in this way is not beneficial. As soon as the packaging is opened, the rest of the product reacts with the environment and becomes contaminated, making this a useless approach.

  • Warm The Container 

How to get the lotion out of a bottle? If you are looking for the best way to get the lotion out of a bottle, this technique will help you get the most out of your leftover product.

Boil the water in a vessel and put the lotion bottle into the water for a few minutes; the leftover lotion will warm and become more liquid. Then, it can easily flow towards the opening of the container's mouth.

  • Replace the Pump Caps to Squeeze Caps

Pump caps are mostly attached to the pipe, leading to more leftovers as the pipe faces one direction.

That's why replacing the pump caps in bottles and containers with the squeeze caps will help you save much of the product.

  • Pour Water into the Container and Shake it Well

The simplest and fastest way to get all of your product out in seconds is to pour the water into the container and shake it well to mix them all.

If the product is concentric, then using boiled water will also help. It is not applied to every product; it is only for those intended to mix with water like liquid soap, clung detergent, hair dyes, etc.

  • Use Flip-It Devices 

Flip-It devices are built on a simple concept of gravity. It comes with a tripod base and fits easily onto the mouth of every container.

The bottle is kept upside down which might look obnoxious for the rack, but who cares about the display when it comes to saving many bucks.

  • Use Can Openers for Metal Containers

It is always difficult and risky to get the leftovers by cutting the containers when it comes to metal containers.

Using can openers or a kitchen Spatty to scrape off the products is the only simple way without causing injury to oneself.

Conclusion: Save Your Precious Items and Money with The Spatty

As we have mentioned, 8 innovative ways to scrape the last drop of your product, but the Spatty will remain at the top. Performing other ways can be risky, like cutting, boiling, or squeezing the bottles. Other than that, their applications are limited.

Material, ingredients, or packaging might hamper, leaving your product damaged. But with Spatty, the case differs altogether.

Spatty is a lucrative and time-saving spatula to extend the life of your beauty, food, art & craft, handyman, and other products where you need to scrape the leftovers. The Spatty is designed to glide smoothly across any interior surface and retrieves every last ounce from curves, corners, and even the bottoms of containers.

Flexible tips and sturdy materials make it the most convenient tool to use and save precious products while saving many dollars.