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How Diaper Cream Applicator Is More Hygienic Than Your Fingers

on November 18, 2022

For a new parent applying diaper cream to their newborn can be quite challenging.

Since babies have soft and delicate skin, applying diaper cream has always been a concern for a mother.

Using a diaper cream applicator is more hygienic and precise for parents than using their fingers.

In this blog, ideas on using diaper cream applicators to apply diaper cream are mentioned to help you and your baby to keep out of these messy situations.

Simple Steps to Apply Diaper Cream

1. Take out the soiled diaper
Remove the dirty diaper from the butt to prevent the transmission of germs, and discard the soiled diaper immediately. But while doing this procedure, you need to wear gloves.

2. Wash the baby's bottom
Use wet wipes to clean the infant's behinds. You can also use a cloth made of a soft fabric.

3. Apply diaper cream with a spatula
Apply a few drops of diaper cream on your baby's bottom using a baby butt spatula. It is a simple way to apply diaper cream. You can use Spatty's baby butt spatula for diaper cream. Its flexible handle and soft tip help to apply the diaper cream on your baby's delicate skin. With the help of this spatula, you can scrape the last drop of the cream from the bottle and apply it directly on the baby's butt or the diaper.

4. Put on the fresh diaper
Put on a clean diaper on your infant's bottom. Make sure the diaper is aligned with your baby’s butt.

5. Remove the gloves to wash your hand
After applying the diaper cream and putting on the clean diaper on your baby's butt, remove the gloves and wash your hands using soap or a hand wash.

Do You Need a Baby Diaper Cream Applicator?

Baby care products are usually packed in plastic bottles, due to which products stick inside the inner surface of the bottle. Parents cut the bottles in half to scrape off the product, which can be both time and energy-consuming.

Whether you are looking for the best diaper cream applicator, rash cream spatula, or butt cream spatula, Spatty offers a comprehensive solution as an all-in-one tool for all your baby care product applications.

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Why Spatty®?

Spatty can be used as an effective baby care product applicator. It is made with flexible, resilient, and robust plastic, which is easily washable. It helps to maintain the hygiene of your palms, fingertips, and nails. And it is easy to glide around the bottle's corners to get every last drop of your product.


Spatulas for diaper cream are made of long-lasting and durable materials. So, whether you are using them as a diaper cream applicator or to scrape off the leftovers from a bottle of a baby care product, Spatty’s spatulas are a useful tool for every new parent out there. And these tips on the best diaper cream spatula will provide you with the best hygiene solutions.