Say Goodbye to Messy Hands: How to Apply Diaper Rash Cream with Ease

Say Goodbye to Messy Hands: How to Apply Diaper Rash Cream with Ease

on February 24, 2023

Juggling between parenthood duties and matching up the overloaded to-do list is no fun! But we have something that will spare you some me-time or quality time with your partner by easing your work and improving your baby's quality of life. 

Ensure your baby’s hygiene by knowing more about diapering solutions, like how to properly apply diaper rash cream, tips to choose a diaper cream applicator, and the necessity of using it! 

Do You Know Where Most Parents Spare No Effort But Still Need To Improve?

HYGIENE! The protective instinct is a universal sign of being a parent. We all want our babies to be healthy and shielded against every evil eye of germs and bacteria. 

For every parent, hygiene is the foremost concern, especially the young ones in diapers, as the newborn has little protection against infections.  So, it is important to take precautions whenever you undo the diapers, feed them, or even play with them. 

But somehow, we forget that using our bare hands can significantly transfer germs and bacteria and lead to infection. Not to lie, as many of us apply the cream to the baby with bare hands and forget to wash our hands when in a rush while changing the baby's diaper. 

The Spatty baby spatula is the best butt cream applicator. It is a perfect fit as it helps you easily apply diaper rash cream without transmitting germs and punishing your fingers for digging deep into small mouth bottles. 

How To Apply Diaper Rash Cream With The Spatty!

Applying diaper cream is necessary for many parents because it prevents or treats diaper rash. Still, it becomes messy as it leaves a trail of difficult-to-clean, white, greasy cream on your fingers and nails (and everywhere else). But at the same time, this is a major fault when we apply the cream with our bare hands. Mess is obvious, and the transfer of germs is also guaranteed! 

Many parents get tricked when they don't know how to properly apply diaper rash cream. Here are some tips that will work in your favor!

  1. Clean your hands with soap or sanitize them.
  1. Scoop the amount of cream with the help of a diaper rash cream applicator.
  1. Gently glide the applicator over the baby's bum to apply the cream.
  1. Use short strokes and light pressure to spread the cream evenly.
  1. Rinse the applicator with warm water and soap and allow it to dry completely before storing.

Tips For Choosing Baby-Fit Diaper Rash Cream Applicator

Start by examining the spatula's tip, and ensure it has the ideal size to offer a tight grasp. 

See if it is gentle and not harsh on your baby's skin from every angle and is BPA-free.  

It is the better option to maintain the hygiene of your nails, palms, and fingertips. 

It should be flexible, resilient, and has robust plastic. 

Why Diaper Rash Cream Applicator Is Necessary?

A butt cream applicator is essential to hassle-freely apply diaper cream on a baby's bottom. With one, it can be easier to ensure the cream covers all the skin that needs protection, as it can be challenging to evenly distribute the cream over all vulnerable skin areas without an applicator. Furthermore, it makes application simpler and quicker than using your fingers. 

And also, the baby butt spatula will help you scoop enough cream until the lotion bottle runs out, saving you money and effort not to cut the bottle!

Maintain Hygiene With Baby Butt Spatula: The Best Diaper Cream Applicator

Now you must know how to apply diaper rash cream and the ease it can create by maintaining the hygienic condition for the baby. The Baby Spatula by The Spatty has the ideal size to give a firm hold and scoop out the right amount of substance. It has a smooth tip made from BPA-free material to easily use on your baby's delicate skin. Ensure your baby's safety with Baby Butt Spatula.