Throwing The End Dip Of Lotion Is Never An Option! Save More With The Spatty

Throwing The End Dip Of Lotion Is Never An Option! Save More With The Spatty

on March 09, 2023

As per the consumer report, we discard 17% to 25% of the product. You might have got clutched up! What if the leftovers can be saved? Yes, you heard it right. You Can Save Every Drop From Lotion Bottle!

While reaching the end of the bottle, you must have noticed that the lotion bottle is left with lotion, yet there is no way to scoop it out. So you must have been striked with a question like how to maximize lotion usage from the bottle? Read the blog to learn about this amazing option! 

Choosing a Lotion Bottle Is Best But How To Get Cream Out?

We mostly prefer lotion bottles because the lotion dispenses easily through them. Using a lotion bottle is unmessy. It gets you a good amount, which is not possible when using a spoon or squirting from a tube. But what if the lotion bottle is about to finish?

TBH, we get daunted by thoughts of either throwing the existing bottle with grief or creating a mess by cutting the bottle in halves. Not only this, but we might also tilt the bottle overnight to hope for some drop of lotion in the morning to save the day from expenses.

Are you gasping? Take a deep breath. Let us make it easy for you with the lotion bottle spatula. It is the ideal tool that assists you in reaching every region and collecting the residue by sliding it inside the bottle.

Knowing About Lotion Bottle Spatula

As the name suggests, the lotion bottle spatula is a spatula-like tool designed for effortlessly scraping the left item from the lotion bottle. This tool is a must-have for the best convenience and ease. Using the lotion bottle spatula, you can get every last bit of lotion or thick liquid out of a bottle.

Easy Steps to Clean Out Lotion Bottle with Lotion Bottle Spatula

  1. Gather your supplies: a lotion bottle, a lotion bottle spatula, and a dispenser.
  2. Remove the lid from the lotion bottle.
  3. Insert the flat end of the lotion bottle spatula into the bottle. 
  4. Scrape throughout the bottle with the curved end of the lotion bottle spatula. With this you will be able to scoop out the residue.
  5. Hold the paste on the tip of the spatula and transfer it to the dispenser; made of good material and offers easy accessibility to lotion pulled out from the bottle.

You can follow the same process to scoop lotion from every type of lotion bottle.

Also, to spruce your space, you can find some creative ways to use up a lotion bottle. Some of the options for least craft doers are bird feeders and being a friend of the earth. A phone charger holder is another good option after completing using your bottle with a lotion bottle spatula and others.

When Purchasing A Lotion Bottle Spatula, Take Care Of The Size!

The size of the spatula matters, so make sure you find the one that virtually fits your needs. When purchasing the spatula, ensure that it is sturdy enough to provide you with a good grip. And, also the length should be more, and the width should be less.

Save Money, Use More

For a case, if the product costs $80, and the leftover clinging product on the bottle sides is 25% as per the reports, .i.e,  $20. So, if you use more products, your waste cost will increase and reach $110 or more. The best lotion-saving tip and trick is to use a spatula, which will reduce expense costs. Also, you can order a new product as you saved so much using a spatula!

How to Buy Lotion Bottle Spatula Online?

From how to maximize lotion usage from the bottle to buying it online, The Spatty is all here! You can order from The Spatty Online Store or Amazon Store. Look for the size and material that is safe for scooping the lotion and does not react with it.

Your Ultimate Cost Saver; Lotion Bottle Spatula!

Reduce pressure on your pocket by making the best purchase of a lotion bottle spatula. The one from Spatty is made up of robust material and easily moves around the sides, corners, and bottom of the bottle to get every last drop of product. Wishing to save more? Order yours today!